The Guardian
Issue No: 981November 24, 1999
Editorial: China to join WTO
Parents & teachers united for education
East Timor:
"The bloody road to independence"
NSW electoral laws
An attack on democracy
Removing the shadow of privatisation
Nurses take public hospital issues to streets
Education industry union
Book Review:
The Untold Story How Women Look at War
Call for indigenous sea rights
Dangerous recipe:
Industrial farming and globalisation
On to a new republic
50th Anniversary of Chinese Revolution
Northern Ireland:
Collusion with death squads exposed
Domestic workers fight for recognition
Socialist International meets in Paris
Hero's welcome for "Big Ben to Baghdad" bus!
Culture and Life
This just in: Colombia and drug prices in the US
Betraying ignorance of the class struggle
A review of Dockers,
a film about the 1995-98 dispute in Liverpool, England