The Guardian
Issue No: 982December 1, 1999
Editorial: What's behind the Medicare levy?
Refugees: Don't lock them up
A change to Labour in New Zealand
East Timor's independence struggle not over yet
More tax cuts for the rich
Trees for power generation
History lesson for the Premier
Reith pushed back on anti-union legislation
Senate opposes Federal Forests Bill
Telstra workers resist outsourcing and wage cuts
Victorian Labor Government off to a bad start
Left and centre make advance in New Zealand
Why we should oppose a new WTO round
USA: Unions march against WTO
Angloa: UNITA's days are numbered
Ukraine: Class action lawsuit against the Vatican
USA: Reviving indentured servitude
USA: Cops to boycott progressives
Northern Ireland: Impasse almost over?
UK: New blows to civil liberties
Culture and Life
Ice cream on the floor:
What do ex-hippies become?
Tales of a Hiss and a HUAC:
Life in a totalitarian state
Think before you drink!
What you should know about Bacardi