The Guardian
Issue No: 984December 15, 1999
Editorial: A case of good and evil
Privatisation of the welfare system
Cuba: Urgent action required
Pangea waste dump nightmare resurfaces
Corruption in sale of hospital
Insurance: GST triple whammy
MUA tug-of-war
Politicians' pay rise
Finance Sector Union strikes
GST not just another tax
In Seattle, Free Trade's happy face peels off
Canada: Banks slash thousands of jobs
Balkan Communist and Workers Parties meet
Far Right gains across Europe
Best wishes for the New Century
21st Century The Century of Socialism
Welcoming the new millennium and the new century
Culture and Life
Only in the USA! (I hope): An "offal" tribute
The rich get richer: Nike CEO gains a little!
Culture in New York: The class struggle on stage
Monkey wisdom: You can't clone Shakespeare
Beggars belief: Torture, in Bahrain?