The Guardian
Issue No: 1013August 16, 2000
Editorial: Tightening the screws on democratic rights
Queensland laws suppress human rights
Victorian nurses campaign
WA maternity hospital under the knife
Liberal and Labor agree: troops on our streets
Government must act on Stolen Generations
SA university divide set to worsen
Testing campaign
Commonwealth Bank the greediest!
Corrigan's robots
Letter from Eric Honecker to comrades of
the German Communist Party (DKP)

The bad and the even worse
USA: police brutality and violence
Indian left protests
against curb on democratic rights

India: Union call against child labour
The streets of Basra:
In the "no-fly" zone
Culture and Life
Guess who may be coming to the White House?:
The dirt on Dick!
I damaged your house. Now pay me to fix it:
The dirt on the US!
What's so new about the "new economy"?