The Guardian March 21, 2001

Laos Party Congress

The 7th Congress of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party was held in 
Vientiane, the capital city of Lao People's Democratic Republic, 

Eleven new members were elected to the 53-member Central Committee. All the 
governors of the 16 provinces of Laos were elected to the Central 
Committee. They have the responsibility of carrying out the decisions of 
the Party and government for local investment and economic activities.

More than 64 percent of the Central Committee had joined the Party before 
1975, the year the Lao People's Revolutionary Party won power following the 
defeat of American aggression against Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

A reporter said after the Congress that the new members of the Central 
Committee "have been active and enthusiastic in the renovation cause, are 
good models for the cadres, party members and the people in the cause of 
national safeguarding [independence] and development over the past 25 

One resolution adopted by the Congress aims to make Laos an opium-free 
nation by 2005.

The Communist Party of Australia sent a message of greeting to the Laos 
Party Congress which said in part: "We have watched with interest and hope, 
the steady growth of your economy and your ability to resist and defeat the 
various military incursions which have occurred and the continuing 
interference by imperialism into the internal affairs of Laos.

"The anti-imperialist stand of your Party and Government, together with 
your allies in the region, is of vital importance to the whole SE Asian 

Jiang Zemin, the Chairman of the Communist Party of China and President of 
the PRC, said in a message of congratulation sent to the re-elected 
President of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, Khamtay Siphandone, that 
he is very glad to witness the new achievements and victories gained by the 
Lao people during their renovation, opening-up and state-construction 

Speaking of the traditional friendship between the two Parties and the two 
countries, Jiang Zemin said he hoped Laos would achieve national prosperity 
and well-being for the people.

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