The Guardian May 30, 2001

Oppose corporatisation of universities

The arbitrary sacking of Dr Steele by the University of Wollongong is 
not only a clear breach of the enterprise agreement recently negotiated 
between the National Tertiary Education Union, Wollongong Branch and the 
University, it is also an attack on the procedures that protect academic 

Dr Steele spoke up against the upmarking of grades for overseas, fee paying 

Supporting the petition protests against the corporatisation of 
universities. This is not just happening through the introduction of fees 
and competition on "education markets" for foreign fee-paying students. 
BHP, the gambling industry and other big transnationals are increasingly 
funding research institutes. BHP is funding an environmental research body 
in an area it heavily pollutes, the gambling industry is funding a research 
institute into gambling research.

If you have access to the internet, please sign the online petition against 
the dismissal of Dr Ted Steele.

Log on to their campaign web site to find the petition:

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