The Guardian July 25, 2001

Rewarding terrorism in Macedonia

The pregnant pause in fighting in the Former Yugoslavia Republic of 
Macedonia (FYROM) is about to end. Last week, Prime Minister Ljubco 
Georgievski bluntly rejected a so-called peace plan backed by the United 
States and the European Union that would give ethnic Albanians more rights, 
thus rewarding their terror campaign against Macedonia.

"What we have on the table is a document tailored to break up Macedonia", 
said the Prime Minister. He also called the draft "a blatant violation of 
Macedonia's internal affairs".

Mr Georgievski accused the West of siding with Albanian terrorists, saying 
that their "terrorist actions are performed with logistical support from 
so-called western democracies". A Macedonian army spokesman said that 
troops had been given orders to fire if the terrorists came closer than 200 

Mr Georgievski's comments were made immediately after the US envoy James 
Pardew and his EU counterpart Francois Leotard had issued a joint statement 
expressing support for the draft document.

Not surprisingly, ethnic Albanian political leaders are in favour of the 
draft and were hoping to sign it when NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson 
and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana visit Macedonia.

"Responsibility (for the renewed conflict) will lie with the terrorists and 
politicians who are proposing unacceptable solutions", said a government 

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