The Guardian August 8, 2001

Metroshelf dispute in 11th week solidarity please!

Seventy-six workers, mostly Vietnamese migrants, at the West Sydney 
enterprise of Metroshelf were sacked after they joined the Australian 
Manufacturing Workers' Union. They have been locked out of the factory for 
over 10 weeks without pay. The company has scorned the basic rights of 
these workers  their right to a job and the right to join the union of 
their choice. 

A compulsory conference between the company and the workers took place in 
the Australian Industrial Relations Commission in Sydney on August 3 but 
failed to make any significant progress. 

The workers are asking you to send a strong message to the company, 
condemning their action and letting them know that their actions are being 
watched and that there are people in the community who condemn their 

How you can help! 

Send the following letter to the company: 

Mr Jason Coglin Manager,
Metro Shelf Products
67 Greenacre,
NSW 2190 

Dear Mr Coglin, 

I have recently been informed about the dispute at Metroshelf in Revesby 
whereby your company sacked workers for joining the Australian 
Manufacturing Workers' Union. 

I urge you to reinstate these workers and respect their right to join a 
trade union of their choice and to exercise their rights as workers. I 
condemn you for your position. 

I would also like to inform you that I totally support these workers in 
their struggle and will be supporting them all the way in their community-
wide campaign to advertise their plight at the way they have been treated 
by your company. 

Yours sincerely, 

Email direct to
with a copy to the AMWU so the union can monitor the response:

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