The Guardian September 19, 2001

What is said around the world

Communist Parties and other progressive political parties and movements 
as well as governments have condemned the horrendous terrorist acts in the 
US and their enormous loss of lives. Both individual and state terrorism 
are equally condemned."


In Cuba, the attacks were characterised as "a national tragedy for the 
United States". Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Felipe Roque, declared 
that the historical position of Cuba is "the absolute condemnation and 
rejection of terrorism, no matter where it comes from and no matter against 
whom it is undertaken".

Cuba's Foreign Minister added: "Our people have had to suffer four decades 
of terrorist actions; we know very well the consequences of these types of 
acts. Our reaction truly comes from a position of rejection of these 
terrorist acts."

As far as the suggestion of Cuban involvement was concerned, he affirmed, 
"I believe that there is no point in referring to this and I hope that this 
stupid idea doesn't occur to anybody."

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA expressed its "shock and horror" at the 
terrorist attack. "We express our heartfelt condolence to the people of the 
United States in this hour of grief.

"We have always opposed terrorism, and along with it state terrorism, as 
weapons of pursuing political aims", said the CPI statement. "They only let 
loose a chain of retaliatory attacks in an ever rising crescendo of 

"Our country as well as several countries of the third world have been 
victims of terrorism and state terrorism sponsored or connived at by the 

"The present terrorist attack has also shown the tragic truth that 
accumulation of the latest and most sophisticated weapons of offence and 
defence, and unleashing an arms race on land, on the sea, and even in outer 
space, does not guarantee internal security."


The Chair of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, (Czech Republic), 
Miroslav Grebenicek MP", declared "Terrorism is unacceptable to me and the 
whole of our party. I would like to think that President Bush will not 
decide to undertake an ill-considered response which will lead to the death 
of more innocent people."


Ken Biggs, Editor of Postmark Prague, in a message to the Communist 
Party of the USA on the day after the attack, said: "Our thoughts today are 
with you and the working people of New York and Washington DC, especially 
the families and friends of the airline staff on the planes hi-jacked in 
yesterday's terrorist outrages and those of the firefighters, rescue 
workers and police who died in its aftermath."

Biggs said: "Whoever the terrorists are, they have played into the hands of 
US imperialism by giving it a pretext to embark on a new military adventure 
in the name of the victims of yesterday's terrorist outrage. Apart from 
that, they have also given the administration of the USA's minority 
President an excuse to introduce stricter internal 'security measures'.

"This can only mean further attacks on the democratic liberties of the 
American people and another step taken along the road to the imposition of 
an openly fascist regime in your country. And of course it will be the 
American working people whom Bush will expect to pick up the tab for the 
economic consequences of yesterday's events.

"At Seattle the American workers and their labour unions showed the way 
forward in the battle against US-led capitalist globalisation: not 
terrorism, but mass mobilisation of the working class and its allies in the 
interests of globalising the industrial and political struggle against 
monopoly capital and its political representatives, the Bushes, Blairs and 
Schroeders of this world.

"Never was the Communist slogan 'Workers and oppressed peoples of all 
countries, unite!' more appropriate", he concluded.


The Workers' Party of Belgium" commented that the attacks, "which have 
shocked the entire world", are signs of "the state of crisis in which the 
world finds itself".

"For the first time, the US is confronted with attacks on its own 
territory, claiming thousands of victims. Until now, this had been the fate 
of the Vietnamese, Iraqi, Yugoslav and so many other peoples at the hands 
of the US armed forces, and on a much larger scale.

"For more than 50 years", said the WPB statement, "the US Government and 
the US transnational corporations have been imposing their will on the 
entire world, destroying local economies, expropriating peasants, 
overthrowing popular governments and putting Pinochets, Marcoses and 
Mobutus in power people subordinate to the US, who would not hesitate to 
massacre their own people, away from the cameras."

While noting that "all hypotheses regarding the origin of these attacks may 
be valid, the superior technological level and the high degree of risk 
involved in a country that is so much under intelligence coverage as is the 
United States, would make one think that such an enterprise could never 
have been realised without a certain complicity from within the secret 
services of the US or from other parallel organisations.

"For 50 years, the secret services of the United States have been 
recruiting, arming and training the most fascist and integrist elements of 
several countries to become high level terrorists.

"We join the appeals aimed at preventing the US Government and their allied 
governments from using these attacks as a pretext for attacking countries 
that have been at odds with the US Government because of their independent 

"There is no other way than to work for the unity of the struggles of the 
workers and the peoples of the entire world, and to carry the demands for 
social justice, genuine democracy and peace ever further."


The Communist Party of Canada" says, "Canadian Communists reject terrorism 
 the targeting of innocent civilians in order to achieve political ends -
- as a form of political struggle.

"Genuine progress can only be achieved through the direct and active 
involvement of the masses of working people in a determined and conscious 
struggle for democracy, peace and social advance. Acts of terrorism 
undermine the struggle for progressive change; they sideline and neutralise 
the mass movement, create fear and disorientation in the broad people's 
fightback, and provide imperialism and reaction with a powerful pretext to 
intensify repression...

"There is a grave danger that in the immediate aftermath of these terrorist 
acts, the US Administration will launch so-called 'retaliatory' attacks 
against certain countries or movements around the world. We call upon the 
peace forces across Canada and throughout the world to mobilise to prevent 
a unilateral military response by the US and, instead, to demand a 
political solution to this festering problem, based on an increased 
positive role of the United Nations to seek just peaceful political 
solutions to local and regional conflicts around the world...

"We call on all labour, progressive and democratic forces to defend 
democracy and the cause of peace, and oppose all attacks on these 
principles in the name of 'fighting terrorism'."

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