The Guardian September 19, 2001

A tragedy for all humanity

The Communist Party USA said the attack on the World Trade Centre "call 
for universal, worldwide condemnation."

The Party expressed "outrage and profound sorrow at this horrendous 
assault. We unequivocally condemn terrorism in all its forms. Their 
statement continued:

We mourn the rescue workers, hundreds of whom died in the line of duty. 
Amid the carnage and the horror, they displayed uncommon courage and self 
sacrifice as they struggled to save the wounded and dying.

The people have responded generously, from ironworkers in their hardhats, 
who raced to the scene to help search through the piles of rubble, to the 
doctors and other medical workers who worked through the day and night, to 
the thousands across the country who lined up to donate blood. We urge that 
everyone who can, participate in such efforts.

This tragedy has traumatized the nation. The people understandably are in a 
state of shock and anger, and are coming together to mourn just as we 
united in sorrow after the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma 

We must guard against a rush for military reprisals even before the 
perpetrators are known and apprehended. There are calls for more military 
spending, more intrusive surveillance both at home and abroad and 
curtailment of democratic rights.

Innocent Arab people both at home and abroad and immigrants across the US 
face a danger of racist and xenophobic attacks. We call on the Bush 
Administration, and all state and local authorities to take measures to 
guarantee everyone's safety. The danger is that the cycle of violence will 
spiral out of control with more death and destruction.

This moment calls for calm, not hysteria; initiatives for peace, not war; 
democracy, not repression. This crisis must be answered by a united world 
community of all nations and peoples. The goal must be multilateral 
political solutions that eliminate the causes of violence and promote a 
just and equitable world, the best and only true memorial to those who have 

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