The Guardian October 31, 2001

Huge anti-war demonstration in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro witnessed a huge anti-war demonstration on October 12. 
The Roman Catholic Church which, in Brazil, has been openly against 
capitalism, and left parties called it. Representatives of several other 
religious orders, including Muslim and Jewish also attended. About 600,000 
people took part, which was second only in size to the anti-war 
demonstration in Havana where about one million took part.

There were other smaller demonstrations all over the country. The religious 
side of the demonstration was the only aspect mentioned by the mainstream 
bourgeois media, which is openly favouring the war. Their reports omitted 
to mention the great number of people taking part and the chorus and 
placards against imperialism and war. Nor did they mention the many red 

When one of the speakers mentioned that the war is mainly affecting the 
children and women of Afghanistan, who have been suffering a lot from the 
permanent warfare in their country, the crowd spontaneously began to sing 
"Maria, Maria" (Mary, Mary), a beautiful and vigorous song by the communist 
composer M Nascimento to pay homage to the working women of the world and 
to peace.

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