The Guardian January 23, 2002

Request for messages to support ban on nuke weapons

Any ship entering the Japanese Port of Kobe must first provide "non-
nuclear certification"  that is, certify that there are no nuclear 
weapons on board.

Local municipalities in Japan have authority over their ports and harbours. 
The Kobe local government has used this for the past 27 years to enforce 
what is known as "Kobe Hoshiki", its nuclear-free "Kobe Formula".

Under this policy US warships have been refused entry to the Port of Kobe 
for the past 27 years because of their refusal to submit non-nuclear 
certification. The US has a policy of neither confirming nor denying the 
presence of nuclear weapons on its ships.

Before the Kobe Formula, however, 432 US warships entered the port between 
1960 and 1974.

Now the United States, in the name of "war against terrorism", is expanding 
its military activities across the whole world.

The US plans to use all civil ports and harbours in Japan, predominantly 
under newly agreed "Guidelines for Japan-US Defence Cooperation". The 
nuclear-free Kobe formula stands in the way of their plans.

The US Ambassador to Japan and the US Consul General in Osaka have 
repeatedly stated that they wish US warships to be allowed to enter the 
port of Kobe. They want the Kobe Formula to be abandoned. 

The Kobe Formula, at the NGO's Millennium Forum held in the UN in May 2000, 
was seen as a model to be followed by all states.

"We condemn terrorism but also we believe that, in order to eradicate 
terrorism, UN-led measures based on international law and order should be 
taken, not a US-led war", said Sushi Kajimoto, General Secretary of the 
Hyogo Council Against A&H Bombs.

"We fight to keep the Kobe Formula. We fight to extend it to all ports in 
Japan. We fight for a nuclear-free and non-aligned Japan.

"Messages of support and encouragement from every corner of the globe have 
given us courage to continue our fight. Please send us messages of 
solidarity and encouragement for the success of this year's meeting to 
celebrate the 27th anniversary of the Kobe Formula", Sushi Kajimoto 

Messages from organisations and individuals, including elected officials 
from local state, government and local municipalities are most welcome.

"Let us work together to achieve the 21st century free from terrorism, free 
from nuclear weapons."

Please send messages before the end of February 2002.

Messages may be sent to the following address: 

Chamoto bldg. 6-7-6 Motomachi-dori,
Chuo-ku Kobe 650-0022 Japan
Fax: +81-78-371-2427

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