The Guardian January 23, 2002


"Year of War"

Just before Christmas, and as though to give a bizarre festive season's 
gift to the world, US President Bush declared that the coming year would be 
"a war year".

We are now only just into the first month of the New Year and the US 
military colossus is spreading its evil tentacles in many directions.

American troops are landing in the Philippines. All the old lies are being 
pedalled to hoodwink those who do not care or who, naively, are prepared to 
swallow the media hype.

The Sydney Morning Herald declared that "the US forces are expected to 
assist and train Philippine troops ... they will also join them on patrol 
in rebel areas and they ... could become involved in offensive military 
actions if Manila requested it". The compliant quisling government of 
President Gloria Arroyo will undoubtedly do whatever her US masters demand.

Some years ago the mass protest actions of the Philippino people forced the 
US navy to evacuate its naval and air base at Subic Bay. This successful 
struggle is now being betrayed in the name of the so-called "war against 

The real objective is the reimposition of US colonialism over the 
Philippines. It is timely to recall that the Philippines was once a US 

The Australian Government is getting ready to become involved in the 
Philippines should the US decide that compliant nations, such as Australia, 
should contribute men, money and military machines to help the US task of 

The same scenario is being hatched for Indonesia. Indonesia is the world's 
largest Muslim country but it will not be difficult to arrange for some 
"incidents" to justify military intervention to "restore order" and bring 
about "security and stability".

In such an operation the US can count on the former imperialist European 
countries that have never forgiven the "natives" for defeating the former 
colonialist regimes. The national liberation movements of the 1950s and 
'60s threw out the European occupiers.

In these plans, the Australian government is a very willing participant. 
Well before the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 
September 11, Howard had outlined his "Defence Doctrine". The 
Bulletin (28/9/99) wrote: "The Howard Doctrine sees Australia acting in 
a sort of 'deputy' peacekeeping capacity in our region to the global 
policeman role of the US".

Howard declared at the time: "One of the errors we have made is that we 
have operated on the basis that we cannot afford to be offside [with our 
Asian neighbours]". But, said Howard, Australia "has a particular 
responsibility to do things above and beyond in this part of the world".

In criticising the former Keating Government Howard declared, "We looked as 
though we were knocking on their door saying, 'Please, let us in', instead 
of realising we were always somebody they would want to have in because of 
our particular strength, and that [now] has been demonstrated."

This is the arrogance of power that is behind Bush's "year of war" and the 
fact that the US is prepared to list a number of countries that are being 
lined up for military intervention, bombing and occupation.

A Sydney Morning Herald article (7/1/02) reported Pentagon sources 
as saying that military tent cities have sprung up at 13 locations in nine 
countries neighbouring Afghanistan, substantially extending the network of 
bases in the region. "From Bulgaria and Uzbekistan to Turkey, Kuwait and 
beyond, more than 60,000 US military personnel are stationed in these 
forward bases", says the SMH article.

Forward bases for what purpose?

To subjugate the entire world the US has to conquer both Russia and China 
and that is the real objective of the "war against terrorism", the real aim 
of the war against Afghanistan and all the bases that the US is 
constructing with the complicity of a whole string of governments which 
have treacherously bent the knee before American power and money.

It is these objectives to which the Australian Government willingly and 
enthusiastically subscribes. It does not have to be bought. It warmly 
welcomes the unlimited war plans of the criminal Bush administration.
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