The Guardian February 27, 2002

In Enron's bag

Enron not only funded politicians but recruited heavily to its ranks 
former government officials, accountants and legal people building a strong 
network of contacts and influence and no doubt gaining useful insider 
information. The following are a few examples of business and political 
figures who were employed by Enron, owned Enron shares or received Enron 

* George W Bush, President of the USA.
* Dick Cheney, Vice President of the USA.
* Lawrence B Lindsey, economic adviser to US President.
* Donald H Rumsfeld, US Defence Secretary, former ambassador to NATO.
* James A Baker, former Secretary of State. Enron reportedly paid him more 
than US$2 million in "consulting expenses" last year.
* Frank Wisner Jr, a former Pentagon official. An Enron deal maker, played 
an important role in Enron gaining contracts in India and the Philippines.
* Attorney General John Ashcroft. The Department of Justice is carrying out 
a criminal investigation into Enron. Ashcroft and his chief of staff have 
had to remove themselves from any involvement in the official investigation 
because of their links with Enron.
* Michael T Shelby, US attorney for southern Texas. The entire US 
Attorney's Office in Houston has also been removed from the case because of 
personal ties to current or former employees of Enron. * Thomas E White, 
now Secretary of the Army, was an executive with Enron for 11 years. Held 
US$50 million in Enron shares, sold most of them before the collapse. White 
was hired to bring business and other expertise to the military. He is a 
retired brigadier general and decorated Vietnam veteran (23 years of 
military service) and Cold War warrior.
* Karl Rove, Chief of Staff and Bush's top adviser. Rove owned a block of 
Enron stock once worth US$250,000.
* Robert Zoellick, Bush's Trade Representative, also on Enron's payroll in 
an "advisory capacity".
* Marc Racicot, Republic National Committee chairman, former Montana 
Governor and Enron lobbyist.
* Lee Rosenthal, Federal judge, has removed herself from all Enron 
lawsuits, apparently just three days after denying a motion to freeze 
assets held by Enron executives and board members.
* Senator Phil Gramm, one of the biggest recipients of Enron campaign 
donations. Wasn't sure whether he should drop out of congressional 
investigations into Enron.
* Dr Wendy Gramm, Senator Gramm's wife, chair of the federal Commodity 
Futures Trading Commission from 1988-1993. Played a major role in exempting 
the trading of energy products from government oversight greatly benefiting 
Enron. Then left the Commission and joined the board of Enron and its audit 
* Jeffrey K Skilling, Enron director, former director of the Houston Branch 
of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
* Lord John Wakeham, Enron director since 1994, former UK Secretary of 
State for Energy and Leader of the Houses of Commons and Lords.
* Herbert S Winokur, Enron director since 1985, chairman and chief 
executive officer of Capricorn Holdings Inc. Former board member of the 
Harvard Endowment Fund, chairman from 1988 to 1997 of DynCorp. DynCorp is 
one of the lead contractors for the new phony war on Drugs in South America 
called "Plan Colombia"-a plan which swells the coffers of the companies 
involved at the same time as fighting political wars and capturing 
resources for US corporations like Enron.
* Billy Tauzin, Republican Representative, chair of House Energy and 
Commerce Committee inquiry focusing on Enron and Arthur Andersen. Received 
campaign money from Enron and Arthur Andersen.
* Richard A Causey, Enron Board member former senior manager with Arthur 
Andersen in Houston, where he had primary responsibility for the Enron 

And so the list continues ... on and on.

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