The Guardian March 20, 2002

Continued Western threats against Zimbabwe

The victory of Robert Mugabe in the Zimbabwe elections has not brought 
an end to the virulent campaign aimed to bring his government down and 
replace him with a pro-colonialist regime in the form of the Movement for 
Democratic Change.

The mass media and Australia's "election observers" have continued to use 
the most emotive language  thugs, murderers, rapists, the election was 
not free and fair  while threatening more savage sanctions together with 
attempts to isolate the country.

Even those African states which are likely to support the Mugabe Government 
are threatened with sanctions. Using thinly veiled threats, The 
Australian (18/3/02) writes that the Presidents of South Africa and 
Nigeria "are flying to Harare to meet Mr Mugabe knowing their own standing 
with Western aid donors and investors would suffer if they stood by their 
early recognition of the Zimbabwe elections as a legitimate exercise in 

Another Australian correspondent speaks of "Mugabe's last remaining 
allies" ignoring the fact that the landless people of other African 
countries will be encouraged, by his re-election, to take back the land in 
their own countries that was ruthlessly seized by European colonialists and 
is held by them to this day.

The press repeats the refrain that the "credibility" of the Commonwealth is 
"on the line", a viewpoint based on the arrogant assumption that unless the 
Commonwealth majority goes along with the demands of the white colonialist 
countries  Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand  the Commonwealth 
will break up.

The time is coming when these countries will need the economic advantages 
and political connections that come with the Commonwealth more than do the 
former colonies that make up the majority of Commonwealth countries.


The outlook of the colonialists is simple  if we cannot control the 
Commonwealth we do not want it!

While Prime Minister John Howard is playing an enforced "diplomatic" role, 
others in the Liberal Party and the Labor Party leadership are letting fly 
with all the venom at their disposal.

A united front has emerged between the extreme right-wing Liberal, Michael 
Kroeger and Labor leader Simon Crean. Both demand that Australia should 
apply sanctions against Zimbabwe unilaterally and irrespective of the 
decision of the Commonwealth committee appointed to decide the question.

The Australian electoral observers have served their purpose in reporting 
all the alleged electoral irregularities. Such observers have become an 
important means by which to interfere in and put pressure on any government 
not to the liking of the colonialist powers.

Will Australia send election observers to Saudi Arabia or to the USA, 
recalling that George Bush "stole" last year's Presidential elections from 
the candidate who won a majority vote  Al Gore? Needless to say nothing 
is ever said by Australian or international hypocrites about the lack of 
democracy in these and a number of other countries.

Another "Labour" leader who has emerged as a front-runner in the campaign 
to force the African countries to submit to the dictates of the Western 
countries is New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

She is reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (March 16-17) as 
predicting that African leaders would come under heavy diplomatic pressure. 
She hoped this would bring home to them "the gravity of the situation".

Western leaders are desperate to impose on Zimbabwe a regime that is ready 
to carry out their instructions. Morgan Tsvangirai is their choice for 
Zimbabwe  similar to Savimbi (Angola), Mobutu (Congo) and Muzerowa who 
was for a short time, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

However, the massive resistance to the present Western offensive is an 
indication that the efforts of the imperialists to re impose colonialism 
and corporate globalisation will not succeed.

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