The Guardian April 10, 2002

The US terrorist as UN ambassador:
John Negroponte heads US Mission to the United Nations

All Latin America held its breath when, on September 13, 2001, the 
Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate accepted President George W 
Bush's candidate, John D Negroponte, for the post of Ambassador to the 
United Nations. Soon after, the nomination was confirmed by the Senate 
Plenary Session.

America's former ambassador in Honduras is considered to be one of the most 
dangerous terrorists of North American imperialism, who was involved in the 
organisation of the war by Contra bandits against Nicaragua.

However, Negroponte's name had surfaced even earlier, during his deployment 
as political adviser to the US embassy in Saigon, and he came to be known 
as "Mr Vietnam" in the National Security Council  a name synonymous with 
blood and brutality.

The graduate of the elitist Yale University has a long-standing reputation 
as a confidante of extreme right-wing circles in the USA, notably the anti-
Cuban mafia.

It is an open secret that he was involved with the formulation and passage 
of the notorious Helms-Burton law, aiming at tightening Cuba's economic 

In Honduras, Negroponte indulged in his fascist passions. On orders from 
President Reagan he took the initiative for all anti-communist operations 
against Nicaragua's Sandinistas, and the National Liberation Front 
Farabundo Marti (FMLN) in El Salvador.

He armed the Contras with huge quantities of weaponry to the value of many 
millions of US dollars, established training camps for the bandits near the 
Nicaraguan border, and organised hundreds of US "collaborators" to be 
within reach of his embassy at Tegucigalpa. Under Negroponte US military 
aid to Honduras was increased from US$4 million to US$7.4 million.

According to the Baltimore Sun the "diplomat" ensured the 
establishment of Special Battalion 316 by the Honduran army, which was 
trained and instructed by the US secret service. Among the terror acts 
perpetrated by this unit is the murder of 32 women, who were thrown out of 

Within five years Battalion 316 was responsible for the deaths under 
horrendous tortures of at least 184 persons.

Every one of the officers from this unit has passed through US training 
camps. In 1994 the Human Rights Commission of Honduras published a report 
about military terrorism, which pointed directly at Negroponte as the 
instigator of these acts.

Now the chief terrorist of the Contra war against Nicaragua, the Cuba-hater 
and professional anti-communist John Negroponte sits at the table of the 
Security Council of the United Nations, where human rights are on the 

No doubt he is familiar with the subject-matter, since he knows better than 
anyone how to trample on human rights.

* * *
Red Fox, German Communist Party, Berlin, kindly translated by Dr Vera Butler.

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