The Guardian April 10, 2002

US actions:
Marches and rallies have been held across the USA

In New York 10,000 demonstrators demanded an end to Israel's US-financed 
war against the Palestinians. Organisers with the ANSWER Coalition [Act Now 
to Stop War & End Racism] which called the rally, said the action launched 
a national campaign, the high point of which will be the convergence at the 
White house of thousands on Saturday April 20.

The rally was endorsed by a wide spectrum of organisations, including Arab 
and Muslim groups, anti-globalisation activists, church groups, students, 
and civil rights organisations.

On April 2 the US National Council of Churches (NNC) convened a press 
conference of religious leaders from around the world. Rev Dr Bob Edgar, 
NCC General Secretary, urged the Bush administration "to press for an 
immediate cessation of the violence and for the commencement of face-to-
face negotiations

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