The Guardian April 17, 2002

Suicide of Serbian leader

This past Thursday (April 11), in defiance of the Yugoslav Constitution 
and the explicit rulings of the Yugoslav Constitutional Court, the Yugoslav 
Parliament passed a law authorising the extradition of Serbian leaders to 
The Hague so-called tribunal.

Tragically, following passage of this law, Vlajko Stojiljkovic, an MP from 
the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), shot himself on the steps of 
Parliament. As of April 13 he was still in a coma.

Mr Stojiljkovic was the Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs until the pro-
Western coup d'itat October 2000.

During the bombing of Yugoslavia, The Hague "tribunal" accused Mr 
Stojiljkovic of committing war crimes in Kosovo.

These were supposedly carried out at the behest of President Slobodan 
Milosevic. Milosevic was kidnapped and taken to The Hague last June and is 
now answering those so-called charges.

Mr Stojiljkovic's Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) placed Mr Stojiljkovic's 
act in a Serbian tradition of heroic suicide:

"With this act, our comrade Vlajko Stojiljkovic joined those 300 policemen 
whom he commanded, who gave their lives for the defence of our motherland 
in the fight against the NATO aggressors and Albanian terrorists" in 
Kosovo, the SPS wrote.

The Western media put forward a different interpretation, portraying the 
suicide as an admission of guilt.

Tragic heroism

By shooting himself on the steps of the Federal Parliament, Stojiljkovic 
broadcast a protest signal the strongest way he could.

If he had, by way of contrast, merely called a press conference to make 
these statements, his denunciation of the current authorities and his call 
on the people of Serbia to act might well have been ignored by the Western 
media and the Western-dominated Yugoslav media as well.

(Just for the record, on Friday leaders of the SPS held a press conference 
to explain the reasons for Vlajko Stojiljkovic's actions. Though about 70 
reporters, including all the major Yugoslav TV stations. attended, very 
little was reported in the media.)

For Vlajko Stojiljkovic to pay with his life in order to send his very 
important and much needed message is evidence of his heroism and true 
patriotism  his great loyalty to the peoples of Yugoslavia.

At the same time, it is unfortunate that he failed to foresee that in the 
West this act could be presented as evidence of his, and therefore of 
Serbian guilt.

Moreover, it is, in our opinion, a mistake to view suicide as a solution to 
the problems created by the immensely destructive US Empire, even though 
these problems may seem insurmountable.

In our opinion, the best course of action is that which Mr Milosevic has 
taken: exposure of lies and political mobilisation. Here is a quote from 
President Milosevic:

"I wish to declare here in front of this 'court' that I would never commit 
suicide because first of all I do not want to do that to my children and my 
family, to make them children of one who committed suicide.

"Secondly. I would never commit suicide because I have to fight here, to 
destroy this 'court' and this mockery of a trial and its employers who are 
using this 'court' against people fighting for freedom in the world."


Statement by Vlajko Stojiljkovic (short version)

By this act, as a Member of the House of Republics of the Federal 
Parliament, I declare my protest against the members of the current puppet 
regime of DOS and the Montenegrin "Coalition for Yugoslavia" which have:

- breaking up of Yugoslavia with the participation of the greatest enemy of 
our people, Javier Solana;  ruthlessly violated the Constitution and the 
laws of this country;  conducted a policy of treason and capitulation;  
betrayed national dignity;  destroyed the economy, thus forcing millions 
of citizens into poverty.

I hold directly responsible for my death the following people:

[Serbian Prime Minister] Zoran Djindjic; [Federal President] Vojislav 
Kostunica; [Serbian Prime Minister] Zoran Djindjic; [Federal President] 
Vojislav Kostunica ... and [Federal Prime Minister] Dragisa Pesic.

Citizens, patriots of this country will know how to avenge me. Vlajko 
Stojiljkovic Member of Parliament More extensive reading and references are 
available at:

The above article is taken from text by D. Baatar and Jared Israel. For the 
complete text visit:

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