The Guardian April 17, 2002

Union call for sanctions against Israel

This week two of Australia's biggest unions called for sanctions against 

The national leaders of the mining and maritime unions issued a joint call 
for the Federal Government to impose sanctions, against Israel until the 
Sharon Government ceases its occupation of Palestinian territories in line 
with United Nations Resolutions.

CFMEU Mining and Energy General President Tony Maher and MUA National 
Secretary Paddy Crumlin said:

"The Israeli Government is flagrantly violating the rights of the 
Palestinian people by invading and occupying their territories in breach of 
international laws and UN Resolutions.

Australia and the international community must firmly condemn this 
violation of international law and back it up with action."

"We call on the Federal Government to impose sanctions against Israel until 
it withdraws from the occupied territories.

"We believe Israel's immediate withdrawal is essential to ending the 
bloodshed, slaughter and tragedy by creating the conditions for a peaceful 
and just resolution of the conflict."

The national leaders of the two unions will also canvass support within the 
trade union movement for protests against the Israeli invasion and the 
escalation of the conflict.

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