The Guardian April 24, 2002

Emperor's Clothes under attack

Emperor's Clothes, known to many Guardian readers for its coverage of 
Yugoslavia, Milosevic's "trial" at the Hague and coverage of September 11 
events, is under attack for telling the truth.

The service hosting its Website received an email from Charles Russell, the 
law firm for ITN.

ITN is the British TV news station responsible for distributing supposed 
news photos which falsely portrayed a Serbian refugee centre in Bosnia as a 
death camp.

Emperor's Clothes exposed this lie in the video JUDGMENT, available 
from: .

In the email, ITN's law firm demanded that all mention of the video, 
JUDGMENT, be removed from the Emperor's Clothes Website or ITN would 
sue Emperor's Clothes' service provider for libel. The service provider 
has, quite bravely, refused to cave in.

Another Website was not so lucky. is a vast storehouse 
of information about Yugoslavia. Its editors have contributed articles and 
shared their knowledge with Emperor's Clothes.

Srpska-mreza had posted several articles exposing ITN lies. ITN threatened 
Srpska-Mreza's Website hosting service in the same way that it had 
threatened Emperor's Clothes' server. In response the hosting service shut 
down .

Emperor's Clothes has set up a DEFENCE Fund to defend Emperor's Clothes, 
Srpska-Mreza and any other Website or Web hosting service attacked for 
advertising JUDGMENT and/or standing up to ITN.

"We urge everyone who cares about free journalism to fight this attack", 
said Emperor's Clothes in a message seeking support.

You can buy a copy of the JUDGMENT video and see what ITN is trying 
to suppress or just read about the video at:

It costs US$26.

There have been suggestions, out of concern for Emperor's Clothes, that 
perhaps it would be safer just to remove JUDGMENT from their home 
page thus giving ITN nothing to attack.

"And perhaps this would make us safer, at least for the moment. But 
Emperor's Clothes stands for the freedom to expose lies. So what would be 
the point of buying safety at the cost of giving up the very thing we exist 
to fight for?", asks Emperor's Clothes.

For details of how to order the video or make donations, visit the 
Emperor's Clothes website:


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