The Guardian April 24, 2002

Back to imperialism

British Labour MPs were shocked and angry when Robert Cooper, a senior 
diplomat and key foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair called 
for "a new kind of imperialism" and for Britain to intervene in 
international affairs to combat global terror threats.

Cooper claimed it is the duty of liberal democracies to 'bring order" to 
the rest of the world. He claimed: "the need for colonisation is as great 
as it ever was in the 19th century".

He published his views in a new pamphlet Reordering the World, with a 
foreword by Tony Blair in which he said that Osama bin Laden had proved the 
dangers of allowing rogue states to continue unchecked.

He wrote: "All the conditions for imperialism are there ... the weak still 
need the strong and the strong still need an orderly world. A world in 
which the efficient and well-governed export stability and liberty.

"Empire and imperialism are words that have become terms of abuse in the 
post-modern world. Today, there are no colonial powers willing to take on 
the job, though the opportunities, perhaps even the need, for colonisation 
is as great as ever was in the 19th century.

"What is needed is a new kind of imperialism, one acceptable to a world of 
human rights and cosmopolitan values. We can already discern its outline: 
an imperialism which, like all imperialism, aims to bring order and 
organisation but rests today on the voluntary principle."

This man was appointed personally by Tony Blair to represent Britain at the 
Bonn conference on Afghanistan's future last year.

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New Worker paper of New Communist Party of Britain

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