The Guardian April 24, 2002

Ukrainian elections

Parliamentary elections in the Ukraine on March 31 2002 were an exercise 
in brutality, corruption and manipulation. The Communist Party of the 
Ukraine gained the third highest number of seats.

"The preliminary results of the elections show that mainly the political 
forces serving the interests of the ruling system, of oligarchic and mafia 
clans, of the so-called 'money-bags' have come to the Supreme (Verkhovnaya 
Rada) as well as local authorities", said the Communist Party of Ukraine, 
in a statement issued last week.

"These forces will continue the realisation of the anti-people policy of 
'radical market reforms' which will be accompanied by the re-division of 
spheres of influence and by aggravation of inter-clan conflicts, by the 
attack of reactionary forces and the President's dictatorship on political 
and social-economic rights of the absolute majority of citizens of 

They will pursue anti-people "radical market reforms".

The composition of the Supreme (Verkhovnaya) Rada is expected to be as 

For the United Ukraine  about 130 deputies;
Our Ukraine  about 110 deputies;
The Communist Party of Ukraine  66 deputies.
Yu.Timoshenko's bloc, the Socialist Party of Ukraine and the Social 
Democratic Party of Ukraine (united)  about 25-30 deputies each.

The CPU points out that "the results of the elections is the consequence of 
violating all democratic standards not only in the pre-election period but 
also on the very day of the elections.

"To falsify the results of people's will various 'dirty tricks' were used, 
many of them were borrowed from the election campaign to the State Duma in 
the Russian Federation at the end of 2000.

"The election campaign in Ukraine was even more cynical, it indisputably 
testified that the criminal capital is striving for power openly and 

"It should be noted that the government and social bodies as well as 
official representatives of the USA interfered in internal affairs of 
Ukraine having in mind to influence the results of the elections."

The CPU is fully aware of the fact that "working classes cannot come to 
power by means of elections if the established state mechanism of 
suppression and falsification coalesced with the oligarchic capital won't 
be broken".

Even after the elections the attacks on the CPU continued. Some CPU 
candidates were sacked from their jobs.

The attacks on the Communist Party of Ukraine during the election campaign 
as well as attacks on pro-socialist forces in Russia, Byelorussia and 
especially in Moldova shows the instability of the present capitalist 
regime. The communist movement is regarded as the main enemy of those 
regimes, so "Communist parties should coordinate their efforts and support 
each other", the CPU statement said.

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