The Guardian May 1, 2002

Sign on: Petition to Mary Robinson re-Sharon

As of April 25, more than 677,000 people had signed on a petition to 
Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, calling for an 
International Committee to investigate Ariel Sharon's crimes against 
humanity. The aim is to collect at least 1.000,000 signatures. The petition 
may help lawyers in Belgium who are suing Ariel Sharon. The petition 

To: Mrs Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

"History teaches that as long as the duty of justice has not been 
discharged, the spectre of war can re-emerge", Judge Claude Jorda.

WE, the undersigned, as the people of this planet, call urgently on Mrs 
Mary Robinson to set up a committee to investigate the involvement of Ariel 
Sharon in war crimes against humanity according to the principles of the 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the General Assembly resolutions 
260, 2391, 3074 and Security Council resolution 1296 of the United Nations, 
on behalf of the victims of 1982 massacre of Sabra and Shatila refugee 
camps in Lebanon.

UN's resolutions have made it clear that the perpetrators of genocide, 
crimes against humanity and War Crimes should be prosecuted and duly 
punished. It is also made clear that the total protection of civilians in 
an occupied country is in the hands of occupying army.

In 1982, Israeli Army was an occupying force in Beirut (Lebanon); according 
to the international laws they had the responsibility of protection of all 
civilians under their control. At that time the Israeli Army was under 
total control of Israeli Defence Ministry, and Ariel Sharon was the Defence 

He visited Beirut and pledged total support for the Israeli allied Lebanese 
Christian Militia. Ariel Sharon himself gave the green light to Lebanese 
Christian Militia to enter the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in west 
Beirut, which consequently resulted in the massacre, torture and rape of 
hundreds of unarmed civilians, mainly women and children.

The Israeli Army was not only monitoring the camps and did nothing to stop 
the massacre, but as a matter of fact, they paved the path for Militias to 
enter the camps. They had their direct and clear orders from the Israeli 
Defence Ministry not to interfere and give free hands and assistance to the 
Lebanese Christian Militia.

"There was a clear obligation on political and military leaders to take 
reasonable steps to protect civilians when they made their orders. In a 
situation where civilians' lives were clearly at risk, the person giving 
orders was even more responsible than the ones carrying them out", Judge 
Richard Goldstone.

With the outbreak of news of massacre in the refugee camps of Sabra and 
Shatila, Israeli public was outraged and went on demonstration, and 
demanded the resignation of Ariel Sharon and an inquiry to the matter. 
Israeli Knesset took action and set up a parliamentary committee to 
investigate Ariel Sharon's involvement in this inhumane act of atrocity.

As result of that inquiry, Ariel Sharon was found responsible for the 
actions of Lebanese Christian Militia, and consequently forced him to 
resign from his post as Defence Minister. But of course, as he is an 
Israeli and these crimes were not committed against Israeli nationals, he 
was never charged and never appeared in any court of justice in Israel.

Now the time has come, all evidences and documents are gathered and ready 
to set up an investigation committee in order to bring those responsible 
ones to justice beyond their social or political status.

May justice prevails and heals the wounds of survived victims.

To sign on the petition, visit:

If you do not have access to the Internet, then ask a friend to help and 
sign on too.

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