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Howard's own reign of terror

So more welfare reforms are on the way (Guardian 19-6-02). How much more 
can the vulnerable in our society take? It's not like welfare recipients 
live the high life. In fact most live on a mere $180 if they're lucky.

The Government just keeps on tearing away at the people who can least 
afford to pay for it. Why? It is not about budget surpluses like the Abbott 
and Costello show would like us to believe.

There is a more sinister reason why. It has to do with hijacked planes and 
an insane US President who refers to every one who doesn't possess his 
distorted view of the world as a terrorist.

Since the day where the sky fell out of everything in the USA (except 
George Bush) our own Prime Minister and his 140 team entourage has flown to 
the so-called land of freedom three times, not including trip that was 
already in progress when it occurred. Who has been paying for these 
junkets? Well, us.

Most probably wouldn't know that our little Johnny was a block away from 
the action and didn't or couldn't blink an eye lid, either because of his 
own incompetence or whether he was pre-warned of its occurrence the 
Australian public will never know.

Also let's not forget that we have to protect our borders from the so-
called terrorists who are entering our country illegally. Of course the 
government again forgets to mention that these people are fleeing the 
oppressive dictatorships that George Bush's Reign of Terror is suppose to 
be aimed at getting rid of. Refugee's are welcome, George W you are not.

Yes the Government is going all the way on this. Making the most 
disadvantaged in our society pay for the big end of town's reign of terror 
and imposing laws that could only lead to the overcrowding of our jails. 
Maybe that's the reason the NSW Government is spending so much money on 
privatising our correctional services.

Jasmine Allen
Scarborough, NSW

Comment on article
I have recently read the article: Book Review by Gillian Vogl, The myth 
of nine to five: work, workplaces and workplace relationships by Ted 
Scott and Phil Harker, the Guardian 19/06/02.

I find it a fine piece of clear and critical thinking. Gillian has proven 
to others that employers and managers are not interested in the 
improvements that can be applied to employees.

History is repeating itself. Another case of latter day Taylorism. This 
time the special payments to a certain employee to outperform another is 
not mentioned.

When this sort of strategies which I have seen practiced in the workplace 
are permitted to continue, no employee can be loyal to the workplace. 
Unless something drastic happens that will provide job security, a future 
generation will have no idea what a job for life means.

It feels just like a Hollywood comment: "Get an education, find a job and 
get out of town because Hollywood is not going to look after you for 30 

Most of us still in the job market feel that any day we will be made 
redundant. Phase out a strong union and any employee will be predisposed to 

When a not so favourable employee suggests better ways that management 
hate, the employee is lucky if they are told to stay in their proper place.

Thankyou Gillian for an informative article that has pleased a 
progressively minded employee.

Melbourne, Victoria
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