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Letters to the Editor:

A question for the Labor Party

When R Hawke, was Prime Minister [PM] of this country he showed the 
Tories how to attack the working class. Firstly he attacked and broke the 
pilots' UNION. Then he deregistered the BLF, something the conservative 
side of politics at that time dared not do.

Then he perpetrated EBA's on to the workers of this great country and now 
the reality is that to get a wage increase the worker has to trade away 
their conditions.

What happens when the worker has no more to give to the capitalist bosses?

Now the Premier of Queensland wants Mr R J Hawke, in my opinion the 
greatest Liberal Prime Minister this country has ever seen, to help him 
with the nurses' UNION.

The Courier Mail reported that Beattie (or should we say bleatty?) 
wants to outlaw the nurses' bans, i.e. UNION bans.

If this is the type of behaviour we can expect from the champions of the 
working class, I have a question for the LABOR PARTY: Who do we the working 
class vote for in the next election?

In my opinion the working class of this country no longer have a voice in 
parliament. Who will step forward and offer us some political protection 
from these unjust industrial laws?

Trevor Campbell
Brisbane, Queensland

A virulent accuser terrorism germ warfare
I bought a book in the Domain about 1950 on how the forces of the USSR 
captured Unit 731 in Manchuria and the trial of Japanese war criminals 

The Other Nuremberg: The untold story of the Tokyo War Crimes 
Trials by Arnold C Brackman. In 1982, in the face of various reports, 
the Japanese Government formally acknowledged that more than 3000 allied 
prisoners of war and Chinese civilians were used as guinea pigs in 
biological and medical experiments.

The last surviving judge at Tokyo, RVA Roling of the Netherlands, expressed 
the view that the United States should be ashamed because they withheld 
information from the court with respect to the biological experiments of 
the Japanese in Manchuria on Chinese and American prisoners of war.

Further it is a bitter experience to me to be informed now that centrally 
Japanese war criminality of the most disgusting kind was kept secret from 
the court by the US Government.

Unit 731, operated by 40 top Japanese medical scientists under General 
Ishii, was allowed to avoid prosecution on conditions that all notes and 
evidence were given to the Americans.

General Ishii was sent to the USA to work in US bacteriological units.

Japan was a fascist ally of Germany and Italy, racist and expansionist and 
are now close allies of USA. Have the leopards changed their spots or has 
the USA become infected with their policies? And John Howard a very close 
Buddy of President Bush?

I have preserved The Other Nuremberg for loan and study if required.

Ted Lawes
Jannali, NSW

Tariff advice to Europe and the US
For some two decades Australian Governments have pleaded with, provided 
advice to and have been angry with the US and the European Union about the 
need to lower tariffs and reduce subsidies.

Isn't it time to recognise that (a) they don't listen to Australia; (b) 
that Australian farmers and manufacturers are often the victims of level 
playing fields which aren't really level at all?

The good examples by Australia have frequently backfired. It's time for 
another type of policy. One that protects our generally efficient farmers 
and gives the manufacturing sector a real opportunity to get off the ground 

Globalisation as a guise for propping up inefficient industries in other 
parts of the world behind massive subsidy regimes obviously has nothing to 
do with free trade whatever.

Should we not take that as a starting point for new policies? Something 
more like Fair Trade?

The fears about Protection are now old hat and we should recognise that.

Klaas Woldring
Pearl Beach, Queensland
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