The Guardian August 7, 2002

Urgent appeal for solidarity from Republic of Slovakia:
Communists face ban in next elections

The Slovak Parliament at its meeting on August19 is expected to consider 
a new Bill banning "the propagation of communism" in Slovakia. Apart from 
the general threat that the Bill poses to the left and working class 
movement, if it is approved, it could be used to impede the Communist Party 
of Slovakia's campaign in the run-up to parliamentary elections on 
September 21. The following is a press issued by the Czech Communist Union 
of Youth (KSM) appealing for solidarity:

To All Progressive People of the World:
Help Us in Our Fight
The Parliament of Slovakia has voted to make it a crime to "propagate communism in public." Those accused of doing so will face six months to three years in prison. The Bill was proposed by three right-wing deputies (Mr Tatar, Mr Sebej and Mr Osusky). It was then supported by the "social-democratic" deputies of the so-called Party of the Democratic Left. President Rudolf Shuster did not sign it but sent it back to Parliament. On 19 August Parliament will vote on it again, and it may become law. The authors of the Bill cover themselves by also making it a crime to "propagate fascism." But fascists today often go by other names. Leftists and communists have always been the most sincere fighters against fascism. Millions of Communists have died in the fight against fascism from the 1930s until today. By equating communism with fascism and suppressing free speech for communists, the deputies are paving the way for real fascism. It is the left and the working class movement who are the real targets of this law. We call upon all those who believe in justice and freedom to urge Slovak parliament to let the law die. Fascism was defeated once in Europe. We must not let it rise again. WHAT YOU CAN DO Please protest to the chairman of the Slovak Parliament by mail, email or telephone. Let him know that you or your organisation opposes any attempt to outlaw the "propagation of Communism" as an attack on free speech, democracy and the rights of the people. Protests and appeals may be sent to Chairman of Slovak parliament by mail to: Jozef Migas, Chairman of Parliament Nam. Alexandra Dubceka 1 812 80 Bratislava Slovak Republic Tel. +421 02 544 15601 Fax. +421 02 544 15460 Please, send us a copy of your letter, mail, or call, so we have an overview of developing the campaign. Email address of the campaign is With greetings of the international solidarity Milan Krajca Ist vicechairman of the KSM, ++420-607-658930

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