The Guardian August 14, 2002

Nigerian women victory over US oil giant

Hundreds of Nigerian women last week ended a 12-day occupation of oil 
pipeline stations belonging to US-based transnational ChevronTexaco. The 
protestors said the company had agreed to create jobs for 10 people from 
nearby villages, upgrade 20 more workers to full-time positions and create 
30 new contract positions.

The company also agreed to help village women start small businesses of 
their own, and provide schools, hospitals, water and electricity systems 
for area communities.

The women had occupied the facilities because they said the company 
exploits the people of the impoverished coastal region and does not share 
enough of the wealth it obtains from the oil

The latest protest started as other women were ending their occupation of 
ChevronTexaco's export terminal  also with victories for jobs and 

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