The Guardian August 14, 2002

Join the Pine Gap protest action

On October 5-7 there is to be a massive action at Pine Gap by people 
from all over Australia who object to being a part of this US war-fighting 
facility. They will tell the US and the Australia Government:

* we don't want to take part in directing your weapons;
* we don't want to take part in giving you a leg up to dominate space;
* we don't want to be a nuclear target because of your presence; and
* we don't want to be part of your war against Iraq.

Below are some contacts and sources of information you may want to check 


Northern Territory:

Alice Springs c/-ALEC:
ph: (08) 8952 4686 or

South Australia:

Australian Peace Committee  Adelaide (coordinating transport)
ph: (08) 8332 3461 or
contact Irene Gale
or contact Dimity Hawkins (FoE):


Action for Peace  Melbourne (a collective set up at FoE  coordinating 
buses and training for Melbourne) ph: (03) 9419 8700 or contact Pete Barker

New South Wales:

Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition  Sydney (coordinating buses in Sydney)
ph: (02) 9212 0800
or contact Hannah Middleton or Denis Doherty:

Western Australia:

ANAWA (coordinating buses and training in Perth)
Contact: Farida Iqbal:

Northern NSW:
ph: (02) 6685 8410


ph: (07) 3359 1933 or 0412 057 240

E-groups to join

* OzPeace: this website (see below) has a subscriber section that allows 
you to get regular emails about Pine Gap and other security issues. If you 
are keen to keep in touch but don't want too many emails or to be focussed 
on organising just yet, this is the one to join!

* Defending Peace: this group was set up over a year ago to start working 
towards Pine Gap and on nuclear weapons and other security matters. If you 
are interested in working full on the protest for October and want to be in 
touch with those who are doing that around the country, this is the one to 
approach about joining. Write to Dimity

and explain why you want to be on the list.


* Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (AABCC) in Sydney have produced 
a full colour pamphlet about Pine Gap. Write to them at:

peace@mira.netfor copies, how many and where to mail them.

* Friends of the Earth (FOE) have a pamphlet called: "Star Wars 2020" that 
explains missile defence and advertises the protest action at Pine Gap. 
Available on the FoE web site:

* Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) have just released 
missile defence briefings and are hoping to provide a medical response team 
to the protests, as well as planning some actions etc. All information and 
fact sheets are on the web site:

* A leaflet designed for an International audience  explaining why 
Australian's are protesting at Pine Gap, where it is, what it is used for. 
In PDF format and suitable for web sites or printing off (available on MAPW 

* "21st Century Star Wars  Talking Points on National Missile Defence and 
Australia9s role through Pine Gap the US Military base outside of Alice 
Springs"  has great explanations about Missile Defence and Pine Gap from 
AABCC's Dr Hannah Middleton and UK specialist David Webb.
(See address below)

Get informed!

Check out these web sites for more info on Pine Gap, National Missile 
Defence and other peace issues:

* Friends of the Earth:


* WANI (Women Against the Nuclear Industry)


* OzPeace:

* Aust. Peace Committee:

* Global Network:

(all about the international week to keep space for peace [October 4-11], 
happening all around the world at the same time as the Pine Gap actions!)

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