The Guardian October 9, 2002

Bush war drive threatens all of humanity
Communist Party USA statement on Bush war drive

The world is faced with the nightmarish spectre of endless wars, 
unbridled military aggression and global chaos brought on by Bush's "war on 
terrorism" . Under the pretext of combatting terrorism and the 
proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the Bush administration has 
set its sights on Iraq as the first target in its drive to dominate and 
control the world.

Such a war poses grave dangers to all humanity, and cannot be allowed to 

It is now clear that the Bush administration was planning an attack on Iraq 
even before it came to power. Such an invasion would provide the immediate 
justification for the creation of a global "Pax Americana"  a blueprint 
for maintaining superpower domination in line with US corporate interests.

Using the euphemism of "regime change", the Bush administration aims to 
expand the frontiers of "US national security interests" to undermine 
international laws and the UN Charter itself, which call for respecting the 
national sovereignty of all countries, and for peaceful resolutions of all 

Bush's speech at the UN was a thinly veiled attempt to shroud the wolf of 
unilateral military action in the sheep's clothing of Security Council 
resolutions  a move subsequently exposed by his refusal to accept Iraq's 
unconditional agreement to resume weapons inspections.

The cornerstone of US foreign policy in the Middle East has been its drive 
to dominate and control the world's oil supplies. Iraq alone accounts for 
ten percent of all known oil reserves.

This policy has led the US military and the CIA to overthrow democratically 
elected governments, arm undemocratic and dictatorial regimes, including 
that led by Saddam Hussein, and to finance, arm and train despotic 
opposition groups and terrorist organisations.

These policies were pursued in the name of human rights and democracy in 
the Middle East, which an invasion of Iraq would expose as pure hypocrisy.

At home, the administration has exploited the September 11 attacks to push 
through measures such as the Patriot Act, which drastically curtail 
constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties.

The administration is banking on these measures and tough talk against 
Saddam Hussein to divert people's attention away from the corporate 
corruption scandals, failed economic policies that favour the rich, and its 
complete subservience to right-wing corporate interests.

Yet in spite of all their efforts, a growing movement which includes 
labour, peace, religious groups and Congressional opposition, is 
challenging the Bush war doctrine. Polls show ever greater majorities of 
Americans questioning that doctrine.

The Communist Party USA believes that the war Bush wants would be a full-
fledged frontal assault on working people. Tens of thousands of our sons 
and daughters are asked to sacrifice their lives  and those of innocent 
Iraqi civilians  for the oil monopolies and the military-industrial 

Our parents and grandparents are asked to sacrifice their need for 
prescription drug coverage and Medicare benefits to pay for a US$200 
billion war.

Our brothers and sisters are asked to sacrifice their demands for living 
wage jobs and affordable education to protect the profits of Wall Street.

Above all, the American people are asked to sacrifice peace and friendship 
among nations for an endless war to fill a bottomless pit of corporate 

If we spill blood for Bush's war in Iraq today, then tomorrow we will be 
asked to die for Bush in North Korea; a week later in Iran; a year later, 
in China.

This war is an imperialist war  a war that all peace-loving Americans 
must oppose.

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