The Guardian November 27, 2002

Thousands demonstrate in Greece

Thousands of people took to the streets of Greece on November 17 in massive 
anti-imperialist, anti-NATO rallies all around the country. The 
demonstrations were held to commemorate the anniversary of the student 
uprising of the Polytechnic University of Athens in 1973 against the 
fascist regime of the "Black Colonels", the US and NATO-backed military 

The struggle against imperialism and NATO, imperialist plans for war on 
Iraq, solidarity with Palestine, and the demand for Greek soldiers to stay 
in Greece were some of the main issues raised in this year's demonstration.

"There is only one enemy  imperialism", "US  Murderers of the people", 
"NATO bases out!" "Cyprus united and independent" were some of the slogans 
at the rallies.

In Athens, the demonstration ended in front of the US embassy, despite 
"appeals" by the Secretary of PASOK (the ruling social democratic party) 
not to demonstrate there.

The marchers included a large number of young people, marching in the ranks 
of the Communist youth organisation KNE and the various organisations of 
the popular movement such as "Action-Thessaloniki 2003" and the trade union 
group PAME.

Notable among them was a group of soldiers in uniform marching together 
with the people, a scene calculated to send shivers down the spine of any 

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