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Letters to the Editor:

Article on ASIO raids

The November 6 issue of The Guardian carried an article by Mike 
Head on the recent ASIO raids which had been sent to us by the Kominform 
(an overseas email news distribution agency). There was no reference to 
copyright, as is often the case with material from left organisations 
seeking to spread important information as widely as possible. We were not 
aware that it had also been published on the World Socialist Web Site, and 
certainly did not take the article from that site. The article was 
excellent. We had no idea that its author was a Trotskyist. It was 
published in good faith and an apology carried in the November 20 issue of 
The Guardian  Ed.

The following letter is from Mike Head.

I am writing to object in the strongest possible terms to your journal's 
unauthorised publication of an article from the World Socialist Web Site on 
the recent ASIO raids.

On November 6, you published the article as your front-page lead, under the 
headline "Violent ASIO/Police Raids". The by-line attributed the article to 
me, stating that I am a lecturer in law at the University of Western 

The World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) originally published the article a week 
earlier, on October 31, with the headline: Violent police raids in Sydney 
and Perth  Bali bombings used to activate repressive laws in Australia" 
Apart from changing the headline, cutting some paragraphs in half and 
inserting one sub-heading, the Guardian reprinted the article 
exactly as it appeared on the WSWS.

You republished the article without seeking the permission of the WSWS or 
myself, and without any acknowledgement that it was taken from the WSWS.

I demand a prominent front-page apology and correction, as well as the full 
publication of this letter in your journal.

Not only have you breached the copyright of the WSWS, which is clearly 
indicated on the site. Implicit in your attribution of the article to me is 
that I am a conscious and willing contributor to the Guardian.

This is particularly offensive to me as a life-long Trotskyist and member 
of the International Committee of the Fourth International, the world party 
that publishes the WSWS. Your journal and organisation have always 
advocated Stalinist politics and defended the immense political crimes of 
the Stalinist bureaucracy, including the Moscow Trials of the 1930s and the 
assassination of members of the Fourth International, above all Leon 
Trotsky, its founder and co-leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

This is not the first time that the Guardian has misappropriated 
articles from the WSWS. On August 9 2000, you published a front-page report 
under the headline, "Troops' New Olympic Powers  Shoot to Kill". On 
September 20 2000 you printed a centre-page article, "Olympic Shadow over 
Australian Civil Liberties". The articles dealt with the introduction of 
military call-out legislation in the lead-up to the Sydney Olympic Games. 
As you no doubt recall, on October 11 2000 you were obliged, after 
receiving a letter of protest from me, to print a correction acknowledging 
that they were first published on the WSWS.

Both articles were also attributed to me as a lecturer at the University of 
Western Sydney, so there is no doubt that you are perfectly aware of my 
identity, as well as my political affiliation. Your repeated offence, two 
years later, is inexcusable. Once again, I insist on an immediate 
retraction, under the heading "Apology", on the front page of the next 
issue of the Guardian, accompanied by the publication of this letter 
in full in a prominent position in the same edition.


Mike Head
World Socialist Web Site

Blatant hypocrisy
Education Minister Anna Bligh has once again publicly displayed her 
faulty memory in saying 158 extra teachers in our schools are the 
consequence of an election promise.

The new appointments are part of a total package of 800 extra teachers 
secured as a result of campaigning by Queensland Teachers' Union members 
during the last enterprise bargaining agreement.

The Beattie Government initially actively opposed employing the extra 
teachers and only agreed that the 800 be included in the enterprise 
bargaining agreement after intense lobbying by our members.

It is therefore the height of hypocrisy for Ms Bligh to claim credit for 
this initiative.

Teachers and the public will see straight through the Minister's blatant 
political spin doctoring.

Steve Ryan
Vice-President, Queensland Teachers' Union

Rudd on Mahathir
The credibility of Australia's politicians has reached a new low when 
calls for an independent Australian foreign policy come from outside the 
nation  in this case from Dr Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The reaction of Kevin Rudd, Australian Labor Party spokesman for the 
American ambassador, indicates that Dr Mahathir was close to the mark.

Mr Rudd said that "we have had nearly 100 Australians murdered in Bali in a 
terrorist attack". The fact that they were murdered as a result of our 
slavish aping of American empire building would seem to be a very good 
reason to abandon the American alliance rather than justify it.

Col Friel
Alawa, NT
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