The Guardian December 4, 2002

Save the Ningaloo Reef!

by Vic Williams

On Sunday December 1 more than 10,000 marched through Fremantle demanding 
"Save the Ningaloo Reef!" and "Stop the danger of a marina".

The organisers claim it is one of the healthiest reefs left in the world 
and want to keep it that way.

The spokesperson for the organisers said the reef and the area had been the 
home of the Indigenous people; it was a beach for turtle nests, and the 
ocean was a haven for humpback whales with calves.

He claimed the marina as planned would hold a thousand yachts and launches, 
and would pollute the reef.

The land belonged to the people and should not be handed to the developers 
for their exploitation and profit.

Writer Tim Winton, who has donated part of his awards to protection of the 
reef, called on the people to stand up and be counted in protection of the 
whole area.

He did not want to say of the whole area "Beautiful one day, Queensland the 

Giz Watson, Greens WA MLC, had made an earlier statement on the Ningaloo 
Reef development proposals:

"The State Labor conference opposed the development. That is a strong 
indication that the ALP's grassroots agree with the community that this 
development is not appropriate for such a fragile reef system.

"The Labor Party's MPs are deeply divided. I've spoken to supporters of 
both sides and I think there is a very heated cabinet discussion going on.

"When it comes to the crunch, all we can do is to keep the pressure on them 
and hope that those who are passionate about saving Ningaloo Reef have the 

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