The Guardian February 12, 2003

Powell's Hollywood theatre rejected

Even before US Secretary of State Colin Powell delivered his speech to 
the UN Security Council last week, Chief UN Weapons Inspector, Hans Blix 
had already dismissed several of the claims that Powell was expected to 
make, and did make, to the Security Council.

Hans Blix said there was no evidence of mobile biological weapons 
laboratories or of Iraq trying to foil inspectors by moving equipment 
before his teams arrived. He had already inspected two alleged mobile labs 
and found nothing. Blix said the problem of bio-weapons laboratories on 
trucks had been around for a while and that he had received tips from the 
US that led him to inspect trucks in Iraq.

Hans Blix also contested the theory that the Iraqis knew in advance what 
sites were to be inspected.

The real purpose of the Hollywood style presentation of alleged evidence 
that Iraq is in "material breech" is crystal clear. It is to justify the 
invasion and occupation of Iraq into the distant future and seize control 
of Iraq's oil resources.

However, there are other aims. By a massive display of us military power, 
the US hopes to intimidate and terrorise all other countries into accepting 
US political, economic and military dictation.

The war would not be confined to Iraq. It would also be waged against other 
Middle Eastern countries that refused to bow to US demands. It would not 
stop with the Middle East either, but spread war to the continent of Asia 
with an assault on North Korea. The longer-range plan is war against the 
People's Republic of China.

Many of Powell's assertions could have been presented to the UN Security 
Council long ago for investigation. By his last minute revelations, the US 
Government hopes to stampede other UN Security Council members to endorse 
the war agenda.

Powell threatened the UN Security Council by asserting that unless it 
agreed to the US agenda, it would become irrelevant. The reality is that if 
the UN Security Council agreed to the US agenda it would violate the 
Charter of the UN and the responsibility of the UN Security Council to 
settle international disputes by negotiation.

Powell's threats and rhetoric aim to cover up the desire of the US to do 
away with the United Nations so that the US becomes the sole arbiter of 
what is right and wrong. All UN principles and objectives and all 
international law would be torn up.

Should the UN Security Council capitulate to US demands (which seems 
unlikely but not impossible), it would not alter the fact that the invasion 
of Iraq would remain a US war. It would not alter the US objective of 
seizing Iraqi oil for itself. The military forces involved would still 
involve those of the US, Britain and Australia.

Most countries would not join the US, certainly not France, Germany, Russia 
or China.

A UN-sanctioned war would not alter the fact that hundreds of thousands of 
Iraqis would be killed by US cruise missiles, US smart bombs, US depleted 
uranium weapons and even US nuclear weapons.

A UN-sanctioned war is no more acceptable than one resulting from 
unilateral action by the US, Britain and Australia.

The massive opposition of the people of the world has not been diverted by 
Colin Powell's theatrical performance.

Very large demonstrations will take place throughout Australia and the 
world over the weekend of February 15-16. Many local peace groups in 
suburbs and country towns have sprung up across Australia and are 
initiating grass roots actions.

The Senate's condemnation of the Australian Government's mindless support 
of US actions is a knock to the Government's war plans, even though the 
Senate resolution failed to rule out support for war if it were to be 
endorsed by the UN Security Council.

Among the Australian people there is a growing opposition to war under any 
circumstances. War is an abomination. The only war forward for humanity is 
by establishing a peaceful and totally disarmed world.

It is the huge worldwide demonstrations that are now the main factor in 
straitjacketing the warmongers. It is to be hoped that the countries that 
make up the UN Security Council will stand by the principles of the UN 
Charter and the interests of the people of the whole world.

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