The Guardian February 12, 2003

Speaking of security

The USA, since 1951, has produced 67,500 nuclear missiles, at a cost of 
US$5.5 trillion (Education Foundation for Nuclear Science report).

The cost to US tax payers of just maintaining the US's huge nuclear weapons 
stockpile  the biggest in the world  is US$35 billion per year.

There are more than 12,000 dismantled plutonium storage pits in Amarillo, 
Texas alone. Along the east and west coast of the US, 90,000 canisters of 
radioactive waste were put into ocean waste dumps between 1946 and 1970.

If this money had been spent on providing the people of the world with safe 
drinking water, housing, jobs, education, health and other services, and in 
developing alternative renewal energy and other environmental programs, 
think what a safer, healthier and happier place the world would be today. 
That would be real security.

So, if anyone should be pressured to disarm ..

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