The Guardian February 26, 2003

Korea: US sinks armistice

Following is the full text of the statement carried by North Korean 
radio threatening to end the Korean War armistice:

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Armistice Agreement in 

For 50 long years, the Korean people have suffered the tragedy of national 
division and all sorts of indescribable pain due to the constant war threat 
and acute tension brought about by the unstable state of armistice, which 
is neither war nor peace.

Our people can no longer undergo such pain and tragedy and our patience has 
reached its limit.

The Armistice Agreement was originally signed in anticipation of a higher-
level political meeting that was to be convened within three months after 
the Armistice Agreement was signed and effective, so as to guarantee a 
peaceful resolution of the Korean issue through discussions about 
withdrawing all foreign forces from Korea and a peaceful resolution of the 
Korean issue.

However, the history of Korea's 50-year long armistice, which is 
unprecedented in the world, plainly proves that the United States' signing 
of the Armistice Agreement, which is for a peaceful resolution of the 
Korean issue, was a deceptive farce.

During the preliminary talks for convening a political meeting held at 
P'anmunjom in October 1953 which was held in accordance with the demand of 
Article 60 of the Armistice Agreement, the US delegate left the meeting 
place without any reason, and ruptured the preliminary talks.

The political meeting was never convened.

Thus, the way to a peaceful resolution of the Korean issue anticipated by 
the Armistice Agreement became blocked.

Less than five years after the armistice, the United States unilaterally 
abrogated all core clauses of the agreement that it deemed as being a 
hindrance to its illegal arms build-up and war preparations in South Korea 
and turned South Korea into the United States' military and nuclear base.

Since then, our people have been faced with yet another new challenge of 
nuclear threat.

At the same time, the United States violently infringed on Article 15 of 
the Armistice Agreement prohibiting any form of blockade against the DPRK, 
unilaterally drew the so-called Northern Limit Line in our country's West 
Sea [Yellow Sea], and has continued a naval blockade against us for 

The Armistice Agreement has, in effect, become a blank piece of paper 
without any effect or significance.

Today the Armistice Agreement is actually being used, not to prevent the 
recurrence of hostile acts on the Korean peninsula, but in the United 
States' hostile policy towards the DPRK [North Korea].

In particular, what we cannot but take a serious view on is that today, 
when the Korean peninsula's situation has become extremely acute because of 
the US nuclear racket, the United States ignores the Armistice Agreement 
which prohibits arms build-up against the other signatory of the Armistice 

The USA is about to reinforce and deploy huge forces including aircraft 
carriers and strategic bombers on the Korean peninsula and in its vicinity, 
and is putting into practice its plan for pre-emptive attack on our 
Republic, every minute, by fiercely conducting various surprise attack 
exercises aimed at us.

Now they are planning to send many troops and operational equipment to 
South Korea under the pretext of holding the joint military exercise 
combining the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration Exercise 
and the Foal Eagle Exercise which begins on March 16.

The situation is growing more serious each day.

The United States openly declared that it would continue its brigandish 
encroachment upon our sovereignty in the waters near our country in the 
future just as it captured and searched one of our country's trading cargo 
ships that was travelling in the open seas in broad daylight on December 9, 

This means that it will conduct naval blockade operations, which are only 
seen to take place between warring states during a war, and this is 
virtually tantamount to a solemn declaration of war.

All facts clearly show how ridiculous and hypocritical is the US sophism 
that peace is ensured in Korea because of the Armistice Agreement.

The grave situation created by the undisguised war acts committed by the 
United States in ignoring the Armistice Agreement, compels the KPA [Korean 
People's Army], the United States' battle counterpart, to urgently take all 
necessary steps to cope with it.

If the United States continues violating and abusing the Armistice 
Agreement as it pleases, there will be no need for us to remain 
uncomfortably bound to the Armistice Agreement.

The KPA P'anmunjom Mission is authorised to declare that if the United 
States gathers its forces on the Korean peninsula and in its vicinity to 
attack us and take sanctions against us from anywhere, the KPA will regard 
this as an act of blockade against us, which is prohibited by the Armistice 

The KPA will be left with no option but to take a resolute step to abandon 
its commitment to implement the Armistice Agreement as a signatory to it 
and free itself from the binding force of all its provisions.

Future developments will entirely depend on the United States.

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