The Guardian March 5, 2003

Happy International Women's Day

Congratulations and best wishes to the women of Australia fighting for 
peace and women's rights on the 93rd celebration of International Women's 

Progressive and revolutionary-minded women are playing an increasingly 
important part in our social and political life.

Over the years many legislative and social advances have been achieved  
the right to vote, the elimination of discriminatory legislation, child 
care, abortion rights, women's health services, refuges, equal pay for work 
of equal value, non-sexist education, the right to social security, the 
election of women to government, the breaking down of barriers to work in 
all fields, anti-discrimination legislation. Some of these rights have yet 
to be fully accepted and exercised, those that have are constantly under 
attack under capitalism. And there is much more to be achieved.

Migrant and Indigenous women suffer the greatest exploitation and 
discrimination in our community.

Today, the world is being rushed towards war on Iraq and then other 
countries. Women will be among those to suffer most from the bombs and 
missiles that are going to be unleashed against the innocent.

This reality is being recognised by the millions of women taking part in 
the huge demonstrations across the globe.

The preservation of peace is the most cherished need at this critical 
moment in history. Stopping the war drive is the next step towards the 
liberation of women everywhere. Let women of the world unite!

Hannah Middleton  President 
Peter Symon  General Secretary

Communist Party of Australia

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