The Guardian March 5, 2003

Howard gears up for US GLOBAL WARS

The National Security Defence Update published last week further commits 
Australia to involvement in the US's program for global dominance. It is a 
program for endless and worldwide aggression and war.

The Government claims that there is now a "changed strategic environment" 
but the policies being pursued by the US, Britain and Australia have been 
in preparation for many years. They were not set in train by the terrorist 
attack on the World Trade Centre and the Bali bombing.

The document admits that the prospect of a conventional military attack on 
Australian territory has "diminished". The fact is that there was no threat 
to Australian territory from any power in the Asia-Pacific region or 
anywhere else.

The Defence Update is a propaganda exercise to convince the public that the 
issues are "terrorism", "weapons of mass destruction" and "rogue states".

It is a simple matter to allege that other states have weapons of mass 
destruction or are harbouring "terrorists".

The intention of the propaganda is to whip up hysteria and justify the US 
invasion and occupation of other countries. However, the mass 
demonstrations in Australia and worldwide show that the public is not 
buying the propaganda.

Defence Update makes a number of references to US "domination". It welcomes 
"increased US strategic dominance" and the fact that "the US with its 
combination of economic and military might, is increasingly dominant".

Under the umbrella of US "dominance", the Australian Government is throwing 
its weight around. The Update says, ". there may be increased calls on the 
ADF [Australian Defence Forces] for operations in Australia's immediate 
neghbourhood" and "involvement in coalition operations further afield is 
somewhat more likely."

In keeping with this subservience to the US and its global ambitions, 
Australia's military forces are being restructured. The size of "Special 
Forces" will be increased, a "Special Operations Command" established and a 
"Tactical Assault Group" formed.

Global instability

These outfits have nothing to do with the defence of Australia. They will 
be used to assist the Global Cop in its invasion of other countries.

The Update claims that "Australia and the US continue to contribute towards 
global stability and prosperity".

This incredible claim flies in the face of reality. Their aggressive 
policies have created the most unstable and dangerous situation since WW 2, 
while their economic and political policies are responsible for the 
impoverishment of millions of people in many countries.

In covering the Defence Update, the mass media ignored these questions. It 
has concentrated on the idiotic proposal of the Howard Government to sign 
up to the US "Star Wars" (the so-called National Missile Defence  NMD) 

For this purpose PM John Howard and Defence Minister Robert Hill, have 
conjured up the possibility of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 
(DPRK) developing missiles capable of hitting Australia.

Even if the DPRK had such missiles, there is no reason whatsoever for that 
country to attack Australia.

They promote the NMD as a defensive shield.

The true purpose of the NMD is not defensive. It would be part of an 
offensive war machine, with the aim of providing a protective "shield" for 
the US under which the US could rain death and destruction on other 
countries with impunity.

Even if it worked  which is uncertain  it would not protect Australia.

Australia's involvement in Star Wars is not a new development. When 
visiting Australia in July 2000, William Cohen, then the US Secretary of 
Defence in the Clinton administration said that he expected Australia to 
"play an important role in shared early warning".

This was a reference to the use of Pine Gap as part of the NMD. The Pine 
Gap base is essential to the "Star Wars" program.

Cohen also told the Howard Government, "There will have to be additional 
investment if Australia hopes to maintain a modern interoperable force with 
the US and other allies. This is a requirement of all our allies", he said. 
(The Guardian 26/7/00)

Having received the American instructions the Australian Government now 
openly admits its support for the "Star Wars" program.

The Update speaks of "effective missile defences". It goes on, "The US is 
looking to involve its allies and this will be an increasingly important 
priority in the twenty-first century".

A whole section of the Defence Update is devoted to the "countries in 
Australia's immediate region".

The Pacific island states are warned that "Military or civil assistance 
could be required to restore law and order, to evacuate Australians, or to 
help in humanitarian disasters", and could require "swift deployment of the 

The Australian Government claims an unasked-for leadership role.

The Update says, "The strength of our national interests, and our prominent 
leadership role in the region, means that Australia . will need to maintain 
the capability to respond effectively." (Emphasis added).

There is not a single proposal contained in the Defence Update that aims to 
help preserve peace and security in the region or further a field.

There is not a word about improving the lot of the millions of people in 
the region who have been impoverished, are unemployed, have little or no 
education or health care.

It is all about war preparations.

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