The Guardian April 2, 2003

Massive anti-war demonstrations continue

Around the world, millions of people continue to take part in 
demonstrations against the war on Iraq.

In Turkey, demonstrators stoned US vehicles carrying troops pulling out of 
the Turkish/Iraq border region following the refusal of the Turkish 
Government to bow to US pressure and bribery to open a second northern 
front against Iraq.

Ninety percent of the Turkish people remain opposed to the US war.

Big demonstrations continue to be held in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, 
Yemen, Egypt and Morocco. In Egypt, demonstrators expressed their 
opposition to the opening of the Suez Canal to enemies. The Egyptian 
Government is being strongly criticised for allowing US warships to pass 
through the Canal.

Demonstrators shouted: "Death to America, death to Israel"; "Death to 
traitor Arab leaders"; "We are with you people of Iraq."

In Rabat, Morocco 200,000 denounced the "imperialist aggression", tore down 
and burnt posters advertising McDonalds.

An estimated 200,000 marched against the war in Peshawar in the biggest 
anti-war demonstration in Pakistan yet held.

In India, 150,000 demonstrated in Calcutta. This was also the biggest anti-
war march in India so far.

Angry crowds demonstrated in Jakarta. The organisers estimated about 
250,000 took part. The Muslim leader Amien Rais who is also the leader of 
the Indonesian parliament said, "All the Indonesian people without 
exception want Bush to withdraw his forces from Iraq."

The above only a short list of anti-war demonstrations held in the last 

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