The Guardian April 16, 2003

Middle East CPs call for worldwide struggle

Together to stop the Anglo-American aggression against the Iraqi people 
and to defeat the objectives of the war

Representatives of the Jordanian Communist Party, the Sudanese Communist 
Party, the Syrian Communist Party, the Palestinian People's Party, the 
Lebanese Communist Party and the Egyptian Communist Party held an emergency 
meeting to discuss co-ordination among the parties for the struggle against 
the Anglo-American aggression on Iraq and to define common action for 
future confrontation.

The participants in this meeting reiterated their condemnation of the 
barbaric and destructive invasion that the fraternal Iraqi people are 
facing and expressed their solidarity and pride over the Iraqi 
steadfastness and courageous resistance against the unprecedented killing 
machine and destruction in defence of their homeland.

The US Administration and the British Government have defied the will of 
the international community and peoples worldwide by launching global war 
against the whole world using Iraq as the immediate battlefield and the 
Iraqi civilians as the first target.

The declared and secretive objectives of the aggression include:

Undermining the bases of the system of international relations and its 
legitimate agencies;

Imposition of the control of one super power that decides the fate of 
peoples and strengthens a uni-polar world order;

Reshaping the geo-political map of the region to impose domination that 
maintains the interests of the USA and empowers its strategic ally in the 
region, Israel, to conquer the heroic Intifada of the Palestinian people in 
order to solve the Palestinian problem by keeping the Israeli occupation 
and the Israeli settlements.

Iraq and the region have been chosen because of their important strategic 
position and their oil resources to assist in the implementation of the 
global plans of the US. The US Administration has utilised several of the 
weak points in the structure of the existing Arab system, especially the 
presence of differences and weaknesses and the absence of democracy and 
public participation.

The heroic Iraqi popular resistance nurtured by Iraqi patriotism has been a 
surprise to the warmongers, who are thrown into a war that nobody knows 
when or how to get out of it. The aggressors are paying a high price and 
the war is turning into a political dilemma.

One of the major weak points is the stand of most of the Arab countries who 
unfortunately are supporting the aggression. Such a stand stimulates the US 
Administration to threaten Syria for its opposition to this aggression and 
for its call to stop the war and withdraw the invading troops.

The parties signing this communiqui consider themselves in an emergency and 
are constantly alert. They call upon their comrades, partisans and friends 
to be in the first ranks of the Arab popular movement in supporting the 
Iraqi people.

They call all the Arab national and progressive forces to:

* Form the widest front of resistance against this aggression using all 
means and potentials;

* Fight against the aftermath of the war whether locally or regionally;

* Pressure their governments to change the policy of giving facilities to 
the invaders and behave according to what their national and patriotic duty 
dictates and according to the Arab defence treaties.

Our parties have started and will continue communications with the 
communist parties, the left, the progressive and the democratic and peace 
forces worldwide who are against the US aggressive policy of domination.

They will exert their common efforts to work together to launch initiatives 
and organise regional and international vigils against this war. They will 
struggle to stop the war and for the withdrawal of the invaders from Iraq.

This will continue until self-determination through the free will of the 
Iraqis is achieved with democracy, pluralism and equality for all citizens 
whether Arabs, Kurds or from other nationalities.

We call upon Arab peoples to unite forces. This stems out of our grave 
concern over the independence and sovereignty of our homelands.

We declare our readiness to undertake joint actions with all the patriotic 
and national forces in spite of any differences in thinking and policies in 
order to face this big battle imposed by the Anglo-American aggression 
against our peoples and against our Arab nation.

We believe that the firm stand against this aggression and the call to 
undermine any achievements of the objectives of this aggression will open 
up new horizons of common struggle in the Arab world and worldwide to 
defeat the American global plan.

Jordanian Communist Party
Sudanese Communist Party
Syrian Communist Party
Palestinian People's Party
Lebanese Communist Party
Egyptian Communist Party

April 2, 2003

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