The Guardian April 16, 2003

Iraq Liberation Front

A newly formed Iraq Liberation Front (ILF) has come into existence out 
of the collapse of the regime of Saddam Hussein. A statement entitled 
"Aggression Ends, Liberation Begins", said the new Front comprises local 
representatives of armed groups and resistance brigades, some still manning 
positions in Iraq along with Arab volunteer fighters. It includes many 
former members of the Iraqi army, Republican Guard and Iraqi Special 
Forces, says the declaration.

"Iraq may lose the war, but it will never surrender or die", the 
declaration says.

The document does not state if the ILF is Islamic in orientation or Marxist 
but it emphasises a pan-Arab view which considers all the Arab nations to 
be one Arab nation. The founders of the Front seem to reflect Islamic and 
nationalist trends in Iraq.

It charges that those chosen by the coalition to lead an interim government 
are all CIA agents.

The ILF is determined to "liberate" Iraq from the fake liberators, George 
Bush and Tony Blairs' occupation forces. "All of the Front members share a 
common concern; feeling the bitterness of defeat at the hands of the 
occupation forces."

The ILF has started accepting volunteers and is calling on other "national 
powers" in Arab countries to support the newly-formed liberation body with 
money and weapons in order to liberate Iraq from the Anglo-American 

"We would have been able to resist for years. So what has happened? How did 
everything collapse suddenly like this?  Who gave the keys of Baghdad to 
Hulagu* this time?", asks their statement.

"Historians must analyse how the tragedy came about. As for us, we are 
busying ourselves at this moment with making history, not with sitting down 
to relate it.

"We will not permit ourselves to be ruled by the Zionist general Garner, 
the close friend of Sharon. We will not permit ourselves to be ruled by the 
thief of Baghdad named Ahmed Chalabi, or others on the list of CIA or the 
Mossad collaborators.

"Proud Iraq will never accept the distribution of its territory or its 
wealth to the war criminals and invading murderers, or the sectarian or 
ethnic fragmentation of its people in accordance with the plans of the 
modern Mongols -- the Zionists and the Americans.

"The whole world will witness an epic of legendary liberation that will not 
close until every inch of its revolutionary soil has been purged.

"All that we seek is the backing of the one Arab people throughout the Arab 
homeland from Tangier to Doha. What is happening in plundered Palestine, in 
the south of the Sudan, and the dirty threats against some fraternal 
states, cannot be separated from the barbarous assault on Iraq.

This is all one wound. This is one battle. This is against one enemy. And 
we must also take a stand in the trench of armed struggle as one people."

* * *
The National Front for the Liberation of Iraq. ( * Hulagu (1217-1265) was a grandson of Genghis Khan. He seized and sacked Baghdad as part of the Mongol attempt to subdue the Islamic world. Baghdad was the religious and cultural capital of Islam. He was defeated by an Egyptian army in 1260.

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