The Guardian April 16, 2003

Looting deliberate

Arab media has slammed the United States for chaos in Iraq, charging 
that US forces have encouraged vengeance attacks and looting to ensure that 
a compliant government is installed.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir, said the crisis was "a deliberate 
plan" by US commanders "who let chaos reign to justify sending additional 
troops and appear with their agents as the sole solution in the eyes of the 

"The main danger is that of looting and settling of scores taking on a 
religious and clannish tone and leading to civil war", the newspaper 

Another Lebanese newspaper Al-Mostaqbal said, "It appears this 
situation serves the Americans' purposes, because Iraqis will then accept 
any kind of authority, in particular one tied to the US administration, and 
the hawks will attain their goals."

The Saudi newspaper Al-Watan claimed: "What is taking place in Iraqi 
cities has never been seen in medieval ages or even deep in history when 
the law of the jungle was predominant."

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