The Guardian April 30, 2003

Occupiers out!

Iraq lies in ruins. Its cities laid waste by bombs and arson. Hospitals, 
the health service, factories museums, libraries and homes have been looted 
 as US troops stood by or even joined in. The telephone service may be 
out for up to six months. Baghdad is without electricity. Schools remain 
closed. The government apparatus has been destroyed. There is mass 
unemployment. Thousands of civilians were killed and the killing 

"All day, you build up for the moment when you fire the shot", said Cyrus 
Field a 23-year-old sniper. "Then there's a feeling of exhilaration, and 
you feel like you've really done something for your country. You've taken 
someone out." Field and his mate, Sgt Daniel Osborne claim more than 20 
enemy kills.

While the Baghdad museum and library were being looted care was taken by 
the US military to ensure that this did not happen to the oil industry 
building in the city, revealing if any further proof is needed, that one of 
the main aims of the US war is to control Iraqi oil.

Now, the new administrators are moving in  all hand picked by the US 
administration  never mind about democracy and the Iraqi people having 
the right to establish their own government. US Secretary of Defence Donald 
Rumsfeld has already announced that an "Islamic" government is not 
acceptable to the US.

The US military are also beginning to put back into authority some of the 
hated Saddam Hussein regime.

Overseeing the gaggle of American puppets is former US General, Jay Garner. 
In a radio broadcast, he continued the lie that he intends to return Iraq 
to the people of Iraq.

His real mission is to ensure that US corporate interests are fully 
protected and that no one gets any unacceptable ideas about sovereignty or 
democratic rights that interfere with these aims.

What is already clear is that Iraq can never be liberated so long as the 
US, British and Australian military occupation continues. And the occupiers 
have no intent of getting out.

"We need to stay there [Iraq]. It's a real commitment both military and 
civil", says a letter signed by members of the American Enterprise 
Institute that has 20 of its members working for the Bush administration.

Iraq cannot be democratic and the Iraqi people will not be allowed to 
determine their own government if US approved and appointed administrators 
form a government.

"I have a personal preference for Ahmed Chalabi who has fought this battle 
all these years.", said Richard Perle one of the leading defence advisers 
to Dick Cheney and a prominent figure in the AEI.

It did not take Chalabi long to turn up in Iraq to stake out his claim on 
behalf of the US occupiers. The fact that he had been charged with and 
convicted of embezzlement (in absentia) in Jordon only makes him an even 
more suitable candidate to do the US administration's dirty work.

Iraq's economy will not be reconstructed in the interests of the Iraqi 
people as the US corporations take over the wealth of the Iraqi nation.


Having destroyed the economy, the US intends to use the revenue from Iraqi 
oil to pay for its reconstruction, principally by US corporations who stand 
to make super profits out of the exercise.

The US military-industrial complex has already made billions of dollars in 
profits out of the weapons and equipment used to destroy what now needs to 
be reconstructed.

Richard Perle makes the point, "Iraq, fortunately, has a continuing revenue 
stream from the production of oil, which should go a long way toward 
financing the reconstruction of the country".

But these plans of the US occupiers may not go as planned. The Iraqi people 
have no intention of bowing down to the new conqueror. This is evident from 
the large anti-American demonstrations in Baghdad and elsewhere.

Anti-American demonstrations are erupting around the country. For example, 
there was one when a weapons dump blew up in Baghdad last week killing up 
to 14 civilians and injuring many more.

Despite all of the bombing and killing and years of repression, the will 
and courage to demonstrate against the military might of the occupying army 
have emerged over night.

Communities have come together to prevent looting in suburbs. A range of 
political forces are emerging to replace the hated regime of Saddam 
Hussein. They include the Iraqi Communist Party that has survived savage 
repression for almost 40 years. (See the launch of the Iraqi 
CP newspaper.)

Religious leaders have also come out strongly in opposition to the 
occupation of their country.

Communists point the way

The Iraqi Communist Party has issued a statement points the way.

"Our people have fought to get rid of Saddam's oppressive dictatorial 
regime so that they can build on its remains a democratic rule which 
expresses their independent will and fulfils their legitimate demands, and 
not a new oppressive military rule", statement says.

"It will not be achieved at the hands of any military rule, whether foreign 
or Iraqi. It has to be achieved through setting up an interim patriotic and 
democratic coalition government, broadly based in its representation of the 
forces of our people and their political parties, which have fought for so 
long against the dictatorship and for the democratic alternative.

"Only such a government, which represents the interests and aspirations of 
our people, including all their political and national components and 
social classes and strata, is really capable of ensuring the transfer of 
our country, in peace, security and respect for people's freedoms and 
rights, to the desired stable and federal democratic era.

"In order to set up the transition democratic coalition government, the 
occupation of our country must first end."

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