The Guardian May 14, 2003

The great unravelling of US global power

by The Black Commentator

Centuries of lording it over slaves, butchering Indians, and pushing aside 
Mexicans have ill-prepared white America to live in civilised company, much 
less to act as maestro for the globe. As Johnny Cochran could tell them, 
those gloves don't fit.

Easy victories over weak, captive or Stone Age adversaries served to teach 
all the wrong lessons, creating a perverse set of American family values. 
Unlimited resources, right there for the stealing; fertile fields, awaiting 
unpaid labour; fragile southern neighbours available to be mauled for sport 
and profit  heady brew swilled sloppily, on a mean drunken binge of four 
hundred years.

Entitlement is a word the Bush men abhor. Nevertheless, it is the essence 
of their distilled, white American sense of themselves as entitled to each 
bloody slab of meat they can gouge from the baggage or body of the unwary.

Ever since there has been such a thing as American popular culture, 
predation has been celebrated. Killer cowboys, killer soldiers, killer 
cops, killer business tycoons.

John Wayne played all of these roles, which is why he is the quintessential 
white American actor. The parts he played, the ease with which he 
dominated, reverberate through centuries of cultural memory and 
idealisation, a birthright bequeathed in full to the children of more 
recent white immigrants.

People die all around white Americans, an historical fact that is also 
reflected in exaggerated popular cultural forms. White Americans are 
entitled to live, and live well. Others are not. Others means non-whites, 
in the nation that invented whiteness to subsume into a melting pot "all 
the races of Europe" while separating out the Others as non-entitled, 

It was only yesterday that these social relationships constituted the 
inviolable laws of the land  capital punishment was instantaneously 
imposed on those who offended the birthright privileges of white Americans.

Privilege and Predation

Like advantageous traits in biological evolution, the human social organism 
 through culture  retains those behaviours and worldviews that work. 
Aggression against Native Americans worked for the European settlers  it 
brought them free land.

Slavery made them kings and queens and princes and princesses, and rich. 
Foreign conquests of weaker, darker people made them respected among 

Except in the Civil War that they wished they had not fought and treated 
until just yesterday as a great tragedy, relatively few white Americans 
were killed in these conflicts. Predation was a good trait. It worked.

Armed and extremely dangerous from the day they set foot on North American 
shores for the express purpose of claiming title to everything within range 
of their imaginations, white Americans "learned" that they were admired by 
the survivors among the people they preyed upon and enslaved.

They gained this knowledge from each other, the only people whose opinions 
counted. Their overwhelming arsenals brooked no objection to the self-
evident fact of their innate superiority and ... goodness. Who would 

In this closed, continental conversation a worldview was refined that has 
grown so fundamental to white American methods of thought, so perfect in 
its affirmation of self-serving assumptions, so automatically corrective of 
unwanted information, that the social organism is all but impermeable to 
disagreeable facts. Outside of the centuries-old American cocoon, much of 
reality simply does not compute.

Propelled by very special circumstances resulting from World War II, the 
United States stepped to the centre of the world stage with all of its 
previous advantages, plus nuclear weapons and the only intact economy on 
the planet.

By default, the dollar became the global currency. Newly tapped oil, priced 
in dollars, fuelled a world of post-war growth, much of it to the direct 
benefit of the United States. By the '50s, pundits had declared the 20th 
Century to be the American Century.

Fifty years later, the Bloomberg financial service's Tokyo bureau reports: 
Pertamina, Indonesia's state oil company dropped a bombshell recently. It 
is considering dropping the US dollar for the euro in its oil and gas 

With war unfolding in Iraq and a mysterious pneumonia spreading around 
Asia, few noticed. News that Indonesian government officials favour the 
euro also fell through the cracks. Yet it could have major implications for 
the world' s biggest economy.

Indonesia's rationale: The dollar may be the world's reserve currency but 
it has become too volatile. "One thing is for sure, the adoption of the 
euro as an alternative means of payments could be an effective solution to 
speculative dollar-oriented dealings", Indonesia's Vice President Hamzah 
Haz said last month.

What if, for example, the US began setting the stage for another pre-
emptive attack in the Middle East or East Asia?

Even so, there is no ignoring Asia's desire to reduce US influence in the 
region. Leaders here wonder if scrapping the dollar might expedite the 

Last September, Asian and European leaders formed a task-force to help Asia 
boost euro currency reserves, issue more euro-denominated debt and use the 
single currency to settle trade bills.

The news from Tokyo, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur is no flash in the pan, not a 
temporary case of the jitters, but dramatic evidence of the growing, global 
recoil from the United States, a nation that learned nothing from its half 
century at the top except that which reinforced its own delusions. It has 
fouled the common well of trust  or at least, some measure of 
predictability  among nations.

Tectonic shifts

There is even more happening below the surface than is indicated by the 
public statements of Prime Ministers. The American problem is not a case of 
bad manners, but of unfitness.

No sensible people, of any social sector, will place their treasure and 
futures in the hands of a nation formed of people who see no reality other 
than their own. Much of the world has already decided that the dollar is 
the umbilical that has become a potential noose, and must be severed.

Bloomberg's founder is the Mayor of New York, the financial capital of the 
world. The last thing on Bloomberg's institutional mind is to rattle 
financial markets. If anything, it is American analysts who slept the 
"tectonic shifts", as reporter William Pesek put it, that may be at work.

The great irony is that the Bush men launched their attack on a world order 
that had privileged the United States for generations in order to pre-empt 
a politically motivated switch to the euro by angry Arab oil producers, or 
rebellious Venezuela.

Instead, their bald, openly declared policy of global hegemony has 
accelerated a trend that might have taken decades to unfold. Shock and Awe, 
in the form of threats to global stability, has caused nations to seek 
safety from, rather than safe haven in, America.

As we wrote in, They Have Reached Too Far: Bush's road to ruin, 
for himself and his Pirates, March 13: "Every plan and project of 
individuals and nations will be shaped by having witnessed a racist America 
raining fire on a weaker people  and revelling in the crime.

It is not as though the US had been a fit guardian of capitalism, prior to 
the Pirate's ascension to power, January 2000. As rulers of an entitled 
nation, American Governments abused their world currency trusteeship for 
short-term political and economic ends, oblivious to the interconnected 
fortunes of other countries, including allied elites.

Washington derides Malaysia's Prime Minister as "unstable", when the 
opposite is true. Pesek continues: One reason leaders like Mahathir Mohamad 
of Malaysia favour the euro: It lacks a domestic agenda. Washington has 
proven quite adept at steering the dollar up and down depending on economic 

In the early 1990s, a lower dollar was favoured to boost growth. Later in 
the decade, the White House favoured a rising currency to attract foreign 
capital. Since 12 countries use Europe's single currency, it may be less 
susceptible to unpredictable political agendas. In addition, the European 
Central Bank, not politicians, manages it.

Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan regularly huddles with the 
political honchos of whichever administration is in charge, fiddling with 
the world's currency to make the occupants of the White House look good to 
the American elite and electorate.

US behaviour, consistently self-consumed, has long bedevilled the global 
trading system. However, national planners and central banks crave 
stability most of all.

No one relished the dislocations that even a modest break with the dollar 
might bring, much less the prospect of American retaliation  the US is 
known as a nation that kills simply to eliminate inconveniences.

Inertia became increasingly untenable as it dawned upon the world that the 
Bush men were really serious about The New American Century, that the Bush-
Cheney-Rumsfeld crew were not just another brand of bullying, oafish 
American cowboys, and that the frenzied American behaviour following 
September 11 was more like civilised inhibitions giving way than a cry of 
national pain.

Euro-talk became more commonplace after Bush's growling "with us or against 
us" speech in November 2001, followed by the war declaration-like "axis of 
evil" 2002 State of the Union address.

International bankers who considered themselves reasonable and cautious 
spoke of oil transactions in a "market basket" of currencies. But the US 
was intent on enshrining the dollar as a monopoly currency  forever.

The Pirates believed that seizure of Middle Eastern oil fields would ensure 
continued denomination of oil in dollars, and that the ritual mauling of 
Iraq would teach the world not to mess with the dollar.

Shouting out reality

The Pirates were wrong. World revulsion is near universal, beyond emotion, 
and fast translating into concerted action in collective defence against 
the madman. Indonesia and Malaysia are simply speaking more frankly than 
other nations.

The Bush men cannot comprehend that their systematic, transparent assault 
on international stability is unpardonable. And they do not know what it 
feels like to be hurt. This, too, will come as a surprise  their Shock 
and Awe.

"Punish France, ignore Germany and forgive Russia", urges Condoleezza Rice, 
thereby guaranteeing that these potent powers will deepen their conspiracy 
to facilitate the isolation of the US.

Use "psychological leverage" in the breathing space before the next armed 
assaults, barks Founding Pirate William Kristol. Keep up the "political 
attack" on Syria and Iran, screams Michael Ledeen, of the Pirate incubator 
American Enterprise Institute.

The Bush men think this is diplomacy, a gift that the world should 
appreciate as a respite from Washington's wrath. The international 
community  in which the US is no longer a true member but, rather, a 
dangerous presence  struggles to work around the Americans as new 
structures of trade and co-operation are created.

The Pirates believe they hold the trump card: half the world's military 
under one, super-tech command. It is a blunt instrument, with a narrow 
range of uses. The real bomb ticks under America's porch, and will 
devastate the dollar in a spasm of millions of individual and institutional 
decisions to run in the other direction.

Stability is what attracted the world's capital to the United States. Now, 
the Bush men have transformed the US into a dreadful engine of instability. 
The Pirates scream threats at the snow bank on top of the mountain. 
Delusional, they will be amazed when it comes down on top of us. 

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