The Guardian May 21, 2003

Urgent appeal
Israeli forces raid Palestinian communists' headquarters

Communist Parties and other progressive forces in the world have 
strongly condemned the attack on the Palestinian Peoples' Party (PPP) 
offices in Ramallah at midnight of May 10. Israeli armed forces raided 
their main headquarters in Ramallah and confiscated all the hard disks of 
their computers, files, political documents and administrative papers.

This means that all the official papers of the Party, of those that belong 
to Comrade Hanna Amira; the PPP representative in PLO Executive Committee, 
and those for the other leading comrades had been confiscated.

The action of the Israeli armed forces was preceded, during the past few 
months, by attacks on PPP office buildings in Nablus, Toukarm, Salfeet, 
Qalqilia, and Jenin.

The attacks resulted in the confiscation of all official papers and the 
destruction of windows, doors, furniture and equipment.

Such brutal measures and violations against the offices of one of the 
leading political parties in the West Bank and Gaza coupled with the 
detention of many of the Party's cadres indicate the intention of the 
Israeli occupation authorities to escalate their oppression to silence 
those who firmly lead a moderate and realistic struggle for the 
establishment of a Palestinian Independent State and solving the 
Palestinian problem according to the UN resolutions.

The attack on the PPP is a call to intensify solidarity with the people of 
Palestine and to increase political pressure on the Israeli Government and 
its allies, the Communist Party of South Africa said, in a strong statement 
of condemnation.

The Jordanian Communist Party expressed grave concern over the whole 
situation in Palestine and strongly condemned the Israeli attempts to 
prevent PPP from carrying on with its struggle against the outraging 
Israeli aggression, occupation, incursion and war crimes.

Protests against the recent attacks on the PPP's headquarters in Ramallah 
should be sent to the Israeli Embassy in Canberra.

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