The Guardian June 18, 2003

Australia-Cuba Friendship Society National Consultation

The following resolution was carried unanimously by all ACFS branches at 
its national consultation held in Albury from May 10-11:

In the face of Washington's escalating hostility against the people of 
Cuba, this National ACFS Consultation strongly supports the recent actions 
of their government in defence of Cuba's basic right to self-determination.

At the centre of the current crisis is Bush appointee James Cason, head of 
the US Special Interests Section in Havana, who has a long history of 
subversive activities in the internal affairs of Latin America.

Damning visual evidence showed Cason planning and funding acts of 
subversion, blatantly flouting normal diplomatic behaviour.

These mounting provocations and the breach of the US-Cuban Agreement to 
grant entry visas to Cubans wishing to emigrate have forced the Cuban 
government to take decisive action.

The double standards have gone even further with the recent spate of 
hijackings when Washington freed the hijackers, impounded and sold the 
planes and imprisoned the hijacked travellers.

It appears as if the world is being softened up to accept some form of US 
military intervention against Cuba, to replace the existing government and 
social system chosen by the people with one subservient to US interests.

Cuba has friends all around the world and here in Australia we strengthen 
our commitment in support of the just struggle to maintain Cuba's 

Long live our solidarity with the people of Cuba!

* * *
In attendance, representatives from ACFS branches from Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney.

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