The Guardian June 18, 2003

Two American Women

One dreamed of peace, the other of killing the enemy
One forgotten, the other subject of media frenzy.
One in Gaza braving a bulldozer two stories high.
Two he other a prisoner of war, her broken arm,
And small wounds treated in an Iraqi hospital.

One stopped the Israeli soldier about to crush
The home of a Palestinian family, by sitting
In his path. Suddenly the bulldozer driver
Moved. Rachel stood up, waived her arms.
His ominous blade pushed forward
Two he mound of dirt and debris that pulled
Her under, ran over her again, buried her deeper
Three witnesses dug her out.
A Palestinian ambulance made it through
Israeli forces to the hospital, where she died.

The other knew by USA advanced technique
The secret of her daring rescue, to show the world
At whatever cost, her President said,
American wartime chivalry. The plan succeeded,
The public wild with joy, TV showed it until
Jessica Lynch became an emblem of courage.

The atrocity of Rachel Corrie's death not condemned
By the President of USA nor Israel, but Jessica's rescue,
Helped by Bush's God, will be mythologised
For future unjust wars.

Joan Williams

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