The Guardian July 2, 2003

Opposing intervention in the Solomon Islands
Statement adopted by the Sydney District Conference, Sunday June 29

This Sydney District Conference of the Communist Party of Australia 
condemns the announced decision of the Australian Government to intervene 
militarily, politically and economically in the sovereign State of the 
Solomon Islands.

In this process, the Government is disregarding and violating the Charter 
of the United Nations and specifically weakening, by its actions, this 
organisation that was specifically set up to regulate international 
relations between sovereign states and to preserve peace.

We see the Australian Government's action as an attempt to recolonise the 
Solomon Islands and subsequently to intervene in the internal affairs of 
Bougainville, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Island states.

The foreign policies outlined by Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, will 
inevitably bring Australia into conflict with the overwhelming number of 
nations of Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and even in Europe.

This policy represents a major departure from the foreign policies adopted 
by Australia since WW2 and the establishment of the United Nations.

We reject this fundamental foreign policy change and will oppose it in 
every way possible. It will not enhance Australia's security but undermine 

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