The Guardian July 23, 2003

Iraqi CP hopes for the new "Governing Council"

Last week The Guardian reported that the General Secretary of the 
Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) was among the 25 persons brought together to 
form a "Governing Council" for Iraq. It is made up of a wide range of Iraqi 
political parties and personalities.

An editorial in the Party's newspaper Tareeq Al-Shaab explains the 
approach of the ICP in joining this Council.

Their editorial explains that "the issue of the formation of the 'Governing 
Council' has been a focus for dialogue and discussion" and that it is a 
"refining of the idea of the Political Council (put forward by the ICP) and 
is a compromise between the general desire of Iraqis for the establishment 
of "an Iraqi provisional patriotic coalition government and the governing 
system endorsed by the UN Security Council in its Resolution 1483". This UN 
resolution gave recognition to the US and British occupation "authority".

The editorial says: "While the new idea attempts to get closer to the 
objective of enabling Iraqis to play a bigger role in deciding their 
destiny and running their affairs, the significance and value of this idea 
will depend mainly on how close it gets to achieving a patriotic 
government, and speeding up the formation of this government which will 
prepare for free and fair elections under UN supervision. It would "also 
prepare a draft constitution to be put to a public referendum".

"The idea of setting up the 'Governing Council' will only acquire 
significance if it becomes an effective institution, with clear and 
concrete powers at legislative and executive levels, [is able] to monitor 
the affairs of the administration and have a concrete working mechanism. 
This will also depend on the 'Council' being representative of the 
principal forces in Iraqi society and of those parties that made precious 
sacrifices in the struggle against the dictatorship and for the democratic 

"Only a 'Council' with such a description can win the trust of Iraqis and 
raise their hopes and be qualified to win the support of the broadest 
masses and mobilise their backing.

"The fundamental test and main criterion by which to measure the success of 
this 'Council' will lie in the speedy restoration of security, stability 
and normality, rebuilding government institutions, (necessary to eliminate 
the remnants of the dictatorial regime), rebuilding the system of health 
and municipal services, reactivating the production cycle, embarking on the 
process of reconstruction to repair the destruction caused by wars and 
economic blockade, and advancing towards restoring the country's 
sovereignty and independence", said the Party's editorial statement.

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