The Guardian September 3, 2003


Once again on WMD lies

Irrespective of the outcome of the various inquiries that are taking 
place in Britain, Australia and the US the fact of the matter is that the 
war against Iraq was based on monumental lies  there were no weapons of 
mass destruction.

For four months before the invasion, United Nations weapons inspectors 
scoured the country and found nothing. In the four months since the 
invasion and occupation nothing has been found. The US, British, and 
Australian authorities are now deadly quiet on this issue.

It passes belief that the extremely sophisticated intelligence agencies of 
these countries, plus their numerous spy satellites and the use of the spy 
station at Pine Gap did not know or inform their governments.

Bush, Blair and Howard must have known the truth from the very beginning 
but they were determined to launch a war against Iraq and to impose an 
occupation force on the country. There are plenty of recorded statements by 
the politicians who are now part of the Bush administration to prove that 
this invasion was planned years before it actually took place.

The various inquiries are therefore nothing but charades to cover up the 
lies of the politicians and the so-called intelligence organisations. Any 
assumption that intelligence agencies are independent of governments is a 

Of course there are honest men and women among them. In Australia, Andrew 
Wilkie is one. There have also been a number who have broken ranks with the 
CIA in the past for its lies and dirty tricks. The name of Phillip Agee 
springs to mind. Dr Kelly is possibly another. Whatever his role he seems 
to have paid the price of being a whistle-blower. (That a doctor who would 
have access to any number of lethal drugs by which to commit suicide should 
choose to slash his wrists seems unlikely).

The fact that the statements of Andrew Wilkie are also very close to the 
bone provide good reasons why he should also take care. His declaration 
that the intelligence information was "skewed, misrepresented, used 
selectively and fabricated" has caused the Prime Minister to attack him 
personally in the strongest terms.

The real intention of the Australian Parliamentary inquiry is to save the 
hides of John Howard and his band of lying Ministers, not to expose the 
lies used to justify the invasion of Iraq. At best it will show some 
discrepancy between what the Office of National Assessment said and how 
this was presented by Howard to the Australia people. But even that is 

None of the Liberal and Labor Party politicians on the inquiry have any 
interest in exposing the leaders of their respective parties by bringing 
out the truth, given the role they all played in the Iraq invasion. 
Furthermore, some of their "evidence" will be heard in secret. It's just a 

On the question of terrorism that was also used as a justification for war, 
there was never any evidence that the Saddam Hussein regime was involved in 
what has become known as international terrorism. That he terrorised his 
own people, yes, but this is not to say that his regime was involved 

The anarchy that the US and British occupation has created by completely 
destroying any semblance of government in Iraq has opened the way for the 
creation of groups so disaffected by what has been done, that they resort 
to terrorist methods in an attempt to protest.

We are witnessing, and this is the reality, the imposition of state 
terrorism by the US, British and Australian authorities. Their troops are 
involved in many of the killings, the smashing down of doors and the 
looting to order that took place in the early days of the occupation. Who 
is to say that they have not also been behind the bombing of the UN 
headquarters in Baghdad, the Jordanian Embassy and the recent killing of 
the Shiite cleric in Najaf?

The US occupation forces are now faced with the failure of their plans and 
the use of staged provocations that can be blamed on others is a time-
honoured method by which to divert attention.
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