The Guardian September 10, 2003

Colombian unity against misery and warmongering

In a very significant development in the struggle of the revolutionary 
forces of Colombia the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and 
the National Liberation Army of Colombia, (ELN), have united their forces. 
Their communique said that the leaderships of the two organisations met 
recently in the mountains of Colombia in an atmosphere of camaraderie, 
fraternity and mutual respect.

They declared that the current regime of Alvaro Uribe is the enemy of 
peace, a warmonger by conviction, the generator of misery for the broad 
national majorities, and a prostitute of imperialist policy for our peoples 
and nations.

Their joint communique went on: "Because of this character, we confirm 
that while the illegitimate government of Alvaro Uribe persists with its 
fascist and militarist policies, we will not proceed with any process of 
political rapprochement and national dialogue.

"Nevertheless, we reiterate our commitment to peace and the pursuit of 
political solutions to the social and armed conflict that is bleeding our 

Political process

The two revolutionary organisations declared that they will push forward 
the political processes that favour peace with social justice. They oppose 
the US imposed Plan Colombia and the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas 

They support the struggles of the Colombian people against the disastrous 
privatisations, the repression of just social protests, the cutting of 
pension rights and other anti-worker financial programs. They defend 
Colombia's national sovereignty.

The communique said, "We call upon the Colombian people and international 
public opinion to mobilise and denounce the anti-democratic policies of the 
current government that aims to cut the few civil, citizen, democratic and 
political freedoms, through application of the anti-terrorist statute.

"In the face of the present social and political crisis we Colombians are 
suffering, we reaffirm that all the democratic, patriotic, revolutionary 
and guerrilla forces are compelled to work for the formation and 
construction of a new democratic and patriotic government to start the 
process of national reconstruction and unity within a framework of defence 
of our sovereignty and of the dignity of the national majorities.

"We of the FARC and the ELN will persist with renewed strength and 
revolutionary enthusiasm on the road blazed during our 39 years of 
existence, holding high the banners of unity, patriotism and anti-

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